Yuan Chen | Senior Computer Biologist

Chen, Yuan

I am working in the Sanger Institute Human Evolution Group, mainly focus on bioinformatics support for data analysis for various projects, such as 1000 Genomes, Isolated population, Y-chromosome, Gorilla, 500 Exomes, the Gene Selection Detection Projects.

May 2010 - present, at Sanger Institute Human Evolution Group. I have developed some pipelines using PERL, MYSQL database and Rscript to provide data for analysis for various projects. Those projects are mainly related to using variation data in different populations as tools to study their evolutionary history.

Sept 2001 - April 2010, at European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI). I have been involved in creating and maintaining the variation database in Ensembl Project, prediction of SNPs consequences on genes, proteins analysis for the human chromosomes sequenced by Sanger Centre, also involved in SNPs calling and data analysis for various species, such as Human, Mouse, Rat, Platypus and Tetraodons, using software developed in Sanger Institute, PERL scripts and MYSQL database.

Sept. 1998 - August 2001, at Sanger Center. I investigated SNP detection using overlap clones from chromosome 22 using PERL scripts.

Sept. 1986 - April 1996, research assistant at Manchester University. I did research on molecular modelling projects, also on looking for evidences for horizontal gene transfer by scan DNA/protein sequences stored in EMBL, SwissProt to find the similarities in sequence level, using C programing and PARADOX database, also gained Master of Science degree in Bio-computing.

Sept. 1985 - Sept.1986, I worked as Physician in a hospital in Wuhan, China.

Sept.1980 - July1985, studied for Bachelor of Medicine (equivalent to M.B., Ch.B) at Dept. of Medicine, Tong-Ji Medical University, Wuhan, P.R. China.


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Chen, Yuan