Mr Eddie Cano Gamez | PhD Student

Cano Gamez, Eddie

Eddie is a PhD student at the immune genomics group. He uses high-throughput 'omics' technologies to investigate the effect of cytokines in the function of human T cells and to understand the impact of genetic variation on T cell function.

I am a PhD student working with Gosia Trynka at the immune genomics group. I am interested in understanding how gene expression is regulated in immune cells and how this regulation is modulated by environmental cues. I am also interested in studying how immune function varies across individuals. As a part of my PhD project I use a combination of experimental and computational approaches such as RNA-sequencing (bulk and single-cell), ChIP-sequencing and quantitative proteomics to study the response of human T cells to cytokines.

My academic background is in biotechnology and molecular biology and I obtained by BSc in Biotechnology Engineering from Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico. Apart from science, I am interested in public engagement, education and science outreach. I am also passionate about music and literature, with most of my free time spent reading fiction.


  • Chromatin activity at GWAS loci identifies T cell states driving complex immune diseases.

    Soskic B, Cano-Gamez E, Smyth DJ, Rowan WC, Nakic N et al.

    Nature genetics 2019;51;10;1486-1493

Cano Gamez, Eddie
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PhD Student at Wellcome Sanger Institute

MPhil Biological Science from Wellcome Sanger Institute


BSc Biotechnology Engineering from Tecnologico de Monterrey, Estado de Mexico, Mexico