Dr Elisabeth Busch-Nentwich | Head of Vertebrate Genetics and Genomics

Busch-Nentwich, Elisabeth


  • Deep phenotyping in zebrafish reveals genetic and diet-induced adiposity changes that may inform disease risk.

    Minchin JEN, Scahill CM, Staudt N, Busch-Nentwich EM and Rawls JF

    Journal of lipid research 2018

  • Placentation defects are highly prevalent in embryonic lethal mouse mutants.

    Perez-Garcia V, Fineberg E, Wilson R, Murray A, Mazzeo CI et al.

    Nature 2018;555;7697;463-468

  • The age of heterozygous <i>telomerase</i> mutant parents influences the adult phenotype of their offspring irrespective of genotype in zebrafish.

    Scahill CM, Digby Z, Sealy IM, White RJ, Wali N et al.

    Wellcome open research 2017;2;77

Busch-Nentwich, Elisabeth