Postgraduate Programme Office

Management Operations

The Postgraduate Programme Office manages all aspects of the Institute's Postgraduate Programme and provides a point of contact for students on all matters, both administrative and pastoral.

In addition, the Postgraduate Programme Office:

  • Provides advice and support to the academic members of the Committee of Graduate Studies, who oversee postgraduate training at the Institute. The Committee of Graduate Studies is responsible for:
    • Selection of PhD and MPhil students
    • Education and training of students
    • Monitoring progress and providing feedback to students
    • Defining the policies of the Institute’s Postgraduate Programme
  • Provides guidance and advice to the supervisors of postgraduate students
  • Works closely with the University of Cambridge, external PhD programmes and funding bodies

The Postgraduate Programme Lead is the Chair of the Committee of Graduate Studies and is also a member of the Institute’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Forum.

Find out more about the Sanger Institute’s PhD Programmes and MPhil Programme here.

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Core team

Photo of Adam Boxall

Adam Boxall

PhD Candidate

Photo of Catherine Ingle

Catherine Ingle

Postgraduate Programme Administrator

Photo of Dr Seri Kitada

Dr Seri Kitada

PhD Student

Photo of Arif Maulana

Arif Maulana

PhD Student