Metagenomes and whole genome seqeunces from the intestinal microbiota of babies and mothers

Host-Microbiota Interactions Laboratory

The Host-Microbiota Interactions Lab explores the relationship between humans and their microbiome- the community of microorganisms that live on and in us. The team focusses on gut bacteria and viruses and their influence in long-term growth, development and disease resistance of children from Westernized and Low- and Middle-Income countries.


1700 metagenomes from babies longitudinally sampled and paired with maternal samples. In addition, we cultured and whole-genome sequenced 800 isolates representing opportunistic pathogens


Stunted microbiota and opportunistic pathogen colonization in caesarean-section birth Download

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Data use

This sequencing centre plans on publishing the completed and annotated sequences in a peer-reviewed journal as soon as possible. Permission of the principal investigator should be obtained before publishing analyses of the sequence/open reading frames/genes on a chromosome or genome scale. See our data sharing policy.