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Organoids (ProjectGro)

The Organoids project involves the derivation, culture, banking and genetic validation of organoid cell lines produced from tumour samples taken from patients during surgical resection. The main aim of this project is to produce high quality, validated organoid models that reflect the cellular and genetic heterogeneity of prevalent human cancers. These models are banked with a well known tissue bank (ATCC) for use by the wider scientific research community.

As part of the Human Cancer Model Initiative, the Wellcome Sanger Institute is aiming to derive and genetically characterise approximately 500 organoid cell models from prevalent human carcinomas, with the aim of producing high quality organoid models suitable for a vast range of downstream scientific research. Models are derived from patient tumour samples taken during surgical resection, expanded, cryobanked and submitted to ATCC for distribution to the scientific community. As well as the ongoing derivation of colon, oesophageal, and pancreatic tissues, the development of organoid models from additional cancer types, including ovarian, breast and lung tissue, is also in process. As well as ensuring the continual smooth-running of pipeline processes, this project also undertakes a number of research and development tasks that aim to improve both organoid derivation success rates and our ability to derive novel organoid models from more biologically complex tissues involved in human cancer.

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Dr Hazel Rogers

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