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The Sanger Mouse Genetics Programme (Sanger MGP) was initiated in 2006 to advance the functional understanding of protein coding and non-coding RNA genes using a standardised high-throughput phenotypic screen designed to contribute to improved diagnosis and treatment of human disease.

Production of strains

The Wellcome Sanger Institute generates mutant mouse strains from the ES cell resources:

  • European Conditional Mouse Mutagenesis (EUCOMM) Program
  • EUCOMM: Tools for Functional Annotation of the Mouse Genome (EUCOMMTools) Project which includes the production of Cre driver lines (CREATE)
  • Knockout Mouse Project (KOMP)

CRISPR technology is also used to generate mutant mouse lines.

Distribution of strains

  • Registration of Interest (RoI): Potentially early opportunity to source a new mouse line from the Sanger Institute whilst being actively bred on the shelf for the primary phenotyping if available. Interest may be submitted at Infrafrontier.‚Äč

Service fee for the supply of the mice.

For general enquiries about sourcing a mouse line please contact mouseinterest@sanger.ac.uk

Repositories: The mutant mouse lines are archived and deposited for long term distribution and may be sourced from Infrafrontier, KOMP Repository and MMRRC Repository

Phenotyping of strains

Primary phenotyping data for the mutant mouse lines screened is displayed at:

  • International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC)
  • Deciphering the Mechanisms of Developmental Disorders (DMDD)
  • Origins of Bone and Cartilage Disease(OBCD)
  • Infection and Immunity Immunophenotyping (3i)

For general enquiries about phenotyping please contact MGPEnquiries@sanger.ac.uk


Funding for the production and archiving of mutant mouse lines by the Sanger Institute was provided by:

  • Wellcome Trust (grants [079643], [098051]),
  • National Institutes of Health (KOMP; awards [UO1-HG004080]; [1-U42RR033192])
  • European Commission
    • EUMODIC (contract [LSHG-CT-2006-037188])
    • EMMAService (grant [227490])
    • Infrafrontier-I3 (grant [312325])
    • EUCOMMTools (grant [261492]).


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