L.major OmniBlast Server

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OmniBLAST will perform a recursive BLAST search on a set of protein databases (BLASTP or BLASTX, depending on the query sequence) or nucleotide databases (BLASTN and TBLASTX or TBLASTN) available at the Sanger Institute and return a list of the best five HSP for each database. If there are any HSP you can click on Full Search to see the complete BLAST output.
Note - this blast database contains unfinished sequence data. Please read the disclaimer about data release.

Query Data


L. major cosmids and contigs (The Sanger Institute)
L. major cosmids and contigs (non Sanger)
L. major chromosomes shotguns
L. major end sequences (Sanger Institute, SBRI and WashU)
L. major ESTs
L. major unassembled shotgun reads
L. major proteins
L. major UniProt entries
L. infantum whole genome shotgun reads
L. infantum assembled contigs
L. braziliensis whole genome shotgun reads