E.tenella OmniBlast Server

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OmniBLAST will perform a recursive BLAST search on a set of protein databases (BLASTP or BLASTX, depending on the query sequence) or nucleotide databases (BLASTN and TBLASTX or TBLASTN) available at the Sanger Institute and return a list of the best five HSP for each database. If there are any HSP you can click on Full Search to see the complete BLAST output.
Note - this blast database contains unfinished sequence data. Please read the disclaimer about data release.

Query Data


Eimeria shotgun reads (unassembled)
Eimeria assembly
Eimeria spp EMBL entries (non-EST)
Eimeria ESTs (unclustered)
Eimeria ESTs (cap3 clusters 90 percent identity cutoff)
Eimeria ESTs (cap3 clusters 95 percent identity cutoff)
Eimeria ESTs (cap3 clusters 98 percent identity cutoff)