D. rerio Blast Server

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This Blast server offers searches against all D. rerio finished and unfinished clones in the Sanger sequencing pipeline.

You can now also search the de novo assemblies generated from sequencing of one doubled haploid homozygous individual of each the AB and Tuebingen strain. Both fish were sequenced to ~40x coverage using Illumina GA sequencing technology and the sequences were assembled using Phusion2, resulting in a 1,33 Gb AB and a 1.48 Gb Tuebingen assembly. Due to the short reads and short inserts and no integration of physical or genetic map data, both assemblies are highly fragmented - with an N50 contig size of about 5kb. Mis-assembly errors may also be present in the contigs. Please note these assemblies are independent additions to the assemblies released by the zebrafish genome project and are intended to aid identification of polymorphisms between these two strains.

To search against traces obtained from the Danio rerio whole genome shotgun project, please try NCBIs Zebrafish Blast server.

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