Good Research Practice

All research policy at the Sanger Institute is fundamentally underpinned by the Good Research Practice Guidelines , which consists of four basic pillars:

1. Research ethics, integrity and reporting
2. Respect, ethical behaviour and professional standards
3. Training, mentoring and leadership
4. Research visibility and impact

Research at the Sanger Institute must uphold the highest standards of integrity and rigour and demonstrate respect in all areas of work. It must be conducted in accordance with all applicable ethical and legal regulation, and Institute policy. In order to achieve this the Institute expects all those involved in research to understand their responsibilities, and the Institute has a responsibility to provide the necessary support.

The four pillars are consistent with broader expectations placed on all staff, whether engaged in research or not, to demonstrate honesty, integrity and respect. Senior staff should also support staff development, including their own, engage with the Institute through committee membership, and create an environment where views, from concerns to new ideas, will be actively listened to and acted upon.

Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct can be difficult to define. The Sanger Institute defines academic misconduct as including but not limited to:

a) Fabrication
b) Falsification
c) Misrepresentation
d) Plagiarism
e) Failures to follow procedures or take due care when working with:
Human research participants
The environment
Privileged or private information about individuals collected during the course of research
f) Improper handling of allegations of academic misconduct

The expression of new ideas, controversial or unpopular opinions or challenging received wisdom, within the boundaries of the law, is not academic misconduct.

Any individual wishing to report concerns about academic misconduct at the Sanger Institute should follow the Procedure for Handling Academic Misconduct. The Named Person responsible for handling investigations into academic misconduct is Martin Dougherty. Anyone seeking advice on academic misconduct can speak to any member of faculty, member of the Board of Management or speak to Sarion Bowers, Head of Policy.