Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

Gender Pay Gap Report 2017


Under UK legislation that came into force in April 2017, UK employers of more than 250 employees are required to publish their gender pay gap. Genome Research Limited (GRL) embraces this and is committed to increasing gender pay transparency.

Genome Research Limited (GRL) encompasses three main activities undertaken by our operations at Wellcome Genome Campus. They are the Wellcome Sanger Institute, Connecting Science, and Enterprise and Innovation. All of these activities work in the fields of Genomes and Biodata and are very much interlinked.

Since 2011, we have been pursuing a broad strategy to address the issue of gender imbalance and support for women in science through our active Campus-wide ‘Sex in Science’ programme.

In 2013, GRL became an active member of the Equality Challenge Unit’s Athena SWAN Charter which recognises the work undertaken to address gender equality. Our Athena SWAN Bronze Award was renewed in 2016 and we have pledged to elevate our award to Silver.

In 2017, our work was expanded to include broader diversity considerations and we are prioritising the implementation of an ambitious Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Programme. I am proud of the work we are doing to position ourselves as a sector leader in this area.

Our global reputation for scientific excellence is strengthened by our firm desire to maintain a forward-looking organisation where staff from all backgrounds are welcomed and can thrive. The workforce at GRL is inter-disciplinary and encompasses a broad range of expertise and talent. This includes skilled researchers and scientific leaders, technical experts, PhD students,
technicians and professional support staff.

GRL is committed to fostering an inclusive culture where employees are supported to reach their full potential and are valued for their differences in thought, background, experience and perspective. We welcome the additional insight that gender pay disclosure provides and will use this responsibility as part of our ambition to be a fair and inclusive place to work.

Martin Dougherty
Chief Operating Officer
Genome Research Limited

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