Vasyl Vaskivskyi



This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

I started at Wellcome Sanger Institute in June 2019 as an intern in Bayraktar lab. In March 2020 I began working as a Bioinformatician in CellGenIT team and HuBMAP Consortium and finished in October 2022.


I am interested in image analysis and processing, bioinformatics, software development and data visualization.

Over the course of my work at the Wellcome Sanger Insitute and HuBMAP Consortium, my main focus was the development of software for microscopy related modalities. I built several pipelines for the automatic processing of imaging based spatial technologies such as CODEX, CellDIVE, MIBI, IMS + MxIF. Also, I developed top of the line image registration package that allows automatic, fast and efficient alignment of microscopy images acquired in multicycle experiments. Apart from that, I wrote a HuBMAP internal metadata standard for CODEX acquisition data.

All my software is available onĀ GitHub.