Dr Matthew Dorman

Staff Scientist

Matthew is a Staff Scientist at the Sanger Institute.

His job is to manage scientific research and operations for the Thomson faculty group, focusing principally on strategically-important experimental science, and to ensure the delivery of large grant-funded international research projects. He also conducts experiments with high-risk bacterial pathogens at Containment Levels 2 and 3, trains staff to work safely in these environments, and contributes to methodological research and development within the team and the wider Institute.

Matt has been continuously based at Sanger since 2016, and has a background in prokaryotic functional genomics and molecular genetics, with specific expertise in Vibrio cholerae. He is very interested in infectious disease research in Latin America, and is tightly linked to the Thomson group’s ongoing collaborative projects and teaching activities in the region.

Matt is also a Lecturer and Official Fellow in Biology at Churchill College, Cambridge, having previously held a Junior Research Fellowship between Sanger and the College. There, he supervises first-year Biology undergraduates, mentors undergraduate and postgraduate students, and participates in the undergraduate admissions process. He has a particular interest in ensuring that undergraduates have opportunities to obtain real-world research experience.

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