Dr Nikolaos Panousis | Postdoctoral Fellow

Panousis, Nikolaos

After obtaining my PhD from the University of Geneva I joined the lab as a postdoctoral fellow in Sep 2017. My main interest is to elucidate the role of functional genetic variation in immune response and infection by studying gene expression alterations after immunological stimuli in induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC)-derived macrophages.


  • Estimating the causal tissues for complex traits and diseases.

    Ongen H, Brown AA, Delaneau O, Panousis NI, Nica AC et al.

    Nature genetics 2017;49;12;1676-1683

  • MBV: a method to solve sample mislabeling and detect technical bias in large combined genotype and sequencing assay datasets.

    Fort A, Panousis NI, Garieri M, Antonarakis SE, Lappalainen T et al.

    Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) 2017;33;12;1895-1897

  • A complete tool set for molecular QTL discovery and analysis.

    Delaneau O, Ongen H, Brown AA, Fort A, Panousis NI and Dermitzakis ET

    Nature communications 2017;8;15452

  • Time-dependent genetic effects on gene expression implicate aging processes.

    Bryois J, Buil A, Ferreira PG, Panousis NI, Brown AA et al.

    Genome research 2017;27;4;545-552

  • Population Variation and Genetic Control of Modular Chromatin Architecture in Humans.

    Waszak SM, Delaneau O, Gschwind AR, Kilpinen H, Raghav SK et al.

    Cell 2015;162;5;1039-50

  • Allelic mapping bias in RNA-sequencing is not a major confounder in eQTL studies.

    Panousis NI, Gutierrez-Arcelus M, Dermitzakis ET and Lappalainen T

    Genome biology 2014;15;9;467

  • Coordinated effects of sequence variation on DNA binding, chromatin structure, and transcription.

    Kilpinen H, Waszak SM, Gschwind AR, Raghav SK, Witwicki RM et al.

    Science (New York, N.Y.) 2013;342;6159;744-7

Panousis, Nikolaos
Nikolaos's Timeline

Postdoctoral fellow at Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

PhD in Genetics and Genomics University of Geneva


Master Degree in Bioinformatics University of Athens


Bachelor degree in Biology University of Athens