Tapoka T. Mkandawire | PhD Student

Mkandawire, Tapoka

PhD candidate currently undertaking rotation projects including: 'Investigating the Effect of the Gut Microbiome on Human Whipworm Infection'; and 'Investigating the Diversity and Spread of Pathogenic E.coli in Europe'

Previously MPhil in Genomics student in the Host-Microbiota Interactions Lab, investigating the population of plasmids in the gut microbiota.


  • Enhancing titres of therapeutic viral vectors using the transgene repression in vector production (TRiP) system.

    Maunder HE, Wright J, Kolli BR, Vieira CR, Mkandawire TT et al.

    Nature communications 2017;8;14834

Mkandawire, Tapoka
Tapoka's Timeline

Joined Wellcome Trust 4 Year PhD Program

MPhil in Genomics


Joined MPhil in Genomic Science Program

BSc Hons Molecular Biology- University of Manchester