Dr Tomas William Fitzgerald | Senior Bioinformatician

This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

Fitzgerald, Tomas William


  • Large-scale discovery of novel genetic causes of developmental disorders.

    Deciphering Developmental Disorders Study

    Nature 2015;519;7542;223-8

  • Copy number variation in the human Y chromosome in the UK population.

    Wei W, Fitzgerald TW, Fitzgerald T, Ayub Q, Massaia A et al.

    Human genetics 2015;134;7;789-800

  • Genetic diagnosis of developmental disorders in the DDD study: a scalable analysis of genome-wide research data.

    Wright CF, Fitzgerald TW, Jones WD, Clayton S, McRae JF et al.

    Lancet (London, England) 2015;385;9975;1305-14

  • A novel method for detecting uniparental disomy from trio genotypes identifies a significant excess in children with developmental disorders.

    King DA, Fitzgerald TW, Miller R, Canham N, Clayton-Smith J et al.

    Genome research 2014;24;4;673-87

  • aCGH.Spline--an R package for aCGH dye bias normalization.

    Fitzgerald TW, Larcombe LD, Le Scouarnec S, Clayton S, Rajan D et al.

    Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) 2011;27;9;1195-200

Fitzgerald, Tomas William