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Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression (combined)

The human homologues of the following genes have been identified in "Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression (combined)" studies:

Gene name Reported Gene Ensembl ID Alleles found Associated phenotype Study Count
anxa1a ANXA1 ENSDARG00000026726 1 Not determined 1
anxa1b ANXA1 ENSDARG00000014594 None Not determined 1
anxa1c ANXA1 ENSDARG00000011168 4 Normal 1
ift88 IFT88 ENSDARG00000027234 5 Not determined 2
LOC100331349 MYO18B ENSDARG00000091350 1 Not determined 3
LOC100333206 MYO18B ENSDARG00000086662 None Not determined 3
LOC556502 ADM ENSDARG00000015263 1 Not determined 5
LOC570100 ADM ENSDARG00000069027 None Not determined 5
NPAS3 NPAS3 ENSDARG00000079182 2 Not determined 2
zgc:110283 ANXA1 ENSDARG00000043936 1 Not determined 1