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Seven prostate cancer susceptibility loci identified by a multi-stage genome-wide association study.

The human homologues of the following genes have been identified in this study:

Gene name Reported Gene Ensembl ID Alleles found Associated phenotype Study Count
ar AR ENSDARG00000067976 4 Not determined 5
B0S5R9_DANRE FGF10 ENSDARG00000087715 None Not determined 1
cldn11a CLDN11 ENSDARG00000020031 2 Not determined 1
cldn11b CLDN11 ENSDARG00000030723 1 Not determined 1
fgf10b FGF10 ENSDARG00000067548 1 Not determined 1
NP_878290.1 FGF10 ENSDARG00000030932 1 Not determined 1
prph PRPH ENSDARG00000028306 None Not determined 1
rnf181 RNF181 ENSDARG00000023958 None Not determined 1
si:ch1073-230p18.3 GGCX ENSDARG00000067805 None Not determined 1
si:ch73-160p19.2 ZBTB38 ENSDARG00000077426 1 Not determined 12
si:dkey-281i8.3 FGF10 ENSDARG00000078625 None Not determined 1
si:dkeyp-20g2.1 CCHCR1 ENSDARG00000092464 None Not determined 5
si:dkeyp-20g2.3 CCHCR1 ENSDARG00000093389 None Not determined 5
si:dkeyp-86b9.2 VAMP5 ENSDARG00000068262 None Not determined 1
skila SKIL ENSDARG00000023933 2 Normal 1
skilb SKIL ENSDARG00000022904 None Not determined 1
tert TERT ENSDARG00000042637 3 Normal 18
vamp8 VAMP8 ENSDARG00000024116 None Not determined 1