(GWAS data used on the Zebrafish Mutation Project Web site comes from

Genomic variation associated with mortality among adults of European and African ancestry with heart failure: the cohorts for heart and aging research in genomic epidemiology consortium.

The human homologues of the following genes have been identified in this study:

Gene name Reported Gene Ensembl ID Alleles found Associated phenotype Study Count
A5WUZ9_DANRE ADAMTS12 ENSDARG00000067549 8 Normal 2
B7TLZ1_DANRE KCNMA1 ENSDARG00000060237 None Not determined 3
cmtm7 CMTM7 ENSDARG00000010032 None Not determined 1
gpm6aa GPM6A ENSDARG00000055455 1 Not determined 2
gpm6ab GPM6A ENSDARG00000004621 1 Not determined 2
ifrd1 IFRD1 ENSDARG00000068708 1 Not determined 2
kcnk13a KCNK13 ENSDARG00000008212 None Not determined 1
kcnk13b KCNK13 ENSDARG00000043557 1 Not determined 1
LOC100334775 LPHN1 ENSDARG00000076795 7 Not determined 1
LPHN1 (3 of 4) LPHN1 ENSDARG00000018436 None Not determined 1
LPHN1 (2 of 4) LPHN1 ENSDARG00000089130 None Not determined 1
LPHN1 (1 of 4) LPHN1 ENSDARG00000089292 7 Not determined 1
OTUD7A OTUD7A ENSDARG00000045556 5 Not determined 1
parvaa PARVA ENSDARG00000043710 1 Not determined 1
parvab PARVA ENSDARG00000035629 None Not determined 1
parvab PARVA ENSDARG00000073907 None Not determined 1
si:ch211-191j22.5 KCNK13 ENSDARG00000057037 2 Not determined 1
si:ch211-39f22.2 KCNMA1 ENSDARG00000079840 6 Not determined 3

The following reported genes could not be linked automatically to a zebrafish gene:

  • LOC338797
  • LOC400804