Susannah J Salter | Advanced Research Assistant

Salter, Zannah


  • 'Candidatus Ornithobacterium hominis': insights gained from draft genomes obtained from nasopharyngeal swabs.

    Salter SJ, Scott P, Page AJ, Tracey A, de Goffau MC et al.

    Microbial genomics 2019;5;2

  • Reagent and laboratory contamination can critically impact sequence-based microbiome analyses.

    Salter SJ, Cox MJ, Turek EM, Calus ST, Cookson WO et al.

    BMC biology 2014;12;87

  • A longitudinal study of the infant nasopharyngeal microbiota: The effects of age, illness and antibiotic use in a cohort of South East Asian children.

    Salter SJ, Turner C, Watthanaworawit W, de Goffau MC, Wagner J et al.

    PLoS neglected tropical diseases 2017;11;10;e0005975

  • Variation at the capsule locus, cps, of mistyped and non-typable Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates.

    Salter SJ, Hinds J, Gould KA, Lambertsen L, Hanage WP et al.

    Microbiology (Reading, England) 2012;158;Pt 6;1560-9

  • Global phylogenomic analysis of nonencapsulated Streptococcus pneumoniae reveals a deep-branching classic lineage that is distinct from multiple sporadic lineages.

    Hilty M, Wüthrich D, Salter SJ, Engel H, Campbell S et al.

    Genome biology and evolution 2014;6;12;3281-94

Salter, Zannah
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