Sigurgeir Olafsson | PhD Student

Olafsson, Sigurgeir

A PhD student supervised by Drs Carl Anderson and Peter Campbell.

I study the effect of inflammatory bowel disease on the somatic mutation landscape of the colon and how somatic mutations might play a causal role in the development of the disease. I am also working on an association study aiming to identify germline copy-number variation that predisposes to the disease.


  • Fourteen sequence variants that associate with multiple sclerosis discovered by meta-analysis informed by genetic correlations.

    Olafsson S, Stridh P, Bos SD, Ingason A, Euesden J et al.

    NPJ genomic medicine 2017;2;24

  • Common and Rare Sequence Variants Influencing Tumor Biomarkers in Blood.

    Olafsson S, Alexandersson KF, Gizurarson JGK, Hauksdottir K, Gunnarsson O et al.

    Cancer epidemiology, biomarkers & prevention : a publication of the American Association for Cancer Research, cosponsored by the American Society of Preventive Oncology 2020;29;1;225-235

Olafsson, Sigurgeir
Sigurgeir's Timeline

Officially started my PhD in the Anderson Lab


Joined the Sanger institute

BSc in computer science - University of Iceland


MSc in biomedical science (population genomics) - deCODE Genetics and the University of Iceland


BSc in molecular biology and biochemistry - University of Iceland