Dr Iain Bancarz | Senior Software Developer

This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

Bancarz, Iain

  • Software for array genotyping analysis and quality control.
  • Primary languages: Perl, Python, C++, Ruby.
  • Experience in sequencing R&D, particularly basecalling and quality scores.
  • Interest in new applications of machine learning to biology.

I am currently working on analysis pipeline software for array genotyping data. The main focus of my work is quality control, developing and implementing improved metrics for data quality and error prediction. I have applied machine learning methods to create an adaptive threshold for evaluating sample gender, and am now investigating Bayesian inference for sample identity between multiple datasets.

I have also contributed to genotyping analysis more generally, implementing an automated version of the zCall analysis software for rare genotypes.

My previous background is in sequencing research and development with Solexa and then Illumina, particularly methods for basecalling and quality scoring. Prior to that, I studied mathematics and computer science, completing a PhD in machine learning in 2005. I remain strongly interested in applications of machine learning to biology.

In my personal life, I am a keen cyclist, hillwalker, amateur cook and cinema fan. I was born in Canada but have lived in the UK since 1991.

Bancarz, Iain
Iain's Timeline

Joined the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute as a Senior Software Developer.


MRes in Computational Biology at Leeds University, including a research placement at the European Bioinformatics Institute on the Wellcome Genome Campus.

Joined Illumina as a Bioinformatics Scientist based in Chesterford, UK.


PhD in Computer Science at Edinburgh University.


BSc in Mathematics at Edinburgh University.