Sanger Institute's memberships

The Sanger Institute seeks to promote the development and delivery of high-quality large-scale, high-throughput genomic science at the local, national and international scale. The Institute is proud to be a member of a number of organisations, societies and bodies that share the same aims and values.

The organisations, societies and bodies that the Sanger Institute is a member of.

Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE)

The Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE) successfully campaigns for better policies and investment for science and engineering. As a membership organisation, its mission is to:

  • Listen to members and collaborators across the science and engineering sector to understand the funding and policy challenges, and what is working well.
  • Undertake independent, authoritative analysis on areas of broad concern across the sector, develop recommendations for action, and publish evidence-based reports, briefings, and responses to public consultations.
  • Meet directly with ministers, civil servants, Parliamentarians, and advisers across the UK, and comment in the media to ensure that its messages are heard.

CaSE is entirely funded by its members of 800 individuals and 100 organisations, including businesses, universities, learned & professional organisations, and research charities.

Understanding Animal Research (UAR)

Understanding Animal Research is a Mutual Society (not-for-profit organisation) that explains why animals are used in medical and scientific research. It aims to achieve a broad understanding of the humane use of animals in medical, veterinary, scientific and environmental research in the UK.

Understanding Animal Research seeks to engage with and inform many sectors by providing information and educational materials based on thorough research and understanding of the facts, historical and scientific. Key stakeholders include members of the public, the media, policy makers, schools and the scientific research community.

The society is funded by its members who include universities, professional societies, industry and charities.