Reward calculator

The reward calculator can be used to assess the total remuneration package that you will receive per annum from Genome Research Limited – The Wellcome Sanger Institute and Connecting Science.

To use the calculator you will need to:

  • Enter your annual salary into the salary box (Salary includes all pensionable pay)
  • Enter additional non-pensionable salary supplements in the box indicated below salary (where applicable)
  • Select your healthcare scheme choice.

Your reward package will be generated in the boxes on the right hand side of the page. The calculator is rounded to the nearest pound and details the gross amounts only. You will need to read the glossary of terms below as some of the benefits listed on the reward calculator are dependent on either the length of your contract and / or your length of service. Pensions, GIP (Group Income Protection) and LA (Life Assurance) are all based on salary only.


Enter your per annum salary


Cash supplement
Non pensionable supplement
Employer Pension Contributions
Group Income Protection
Life Assurance
Healthcare Scheme
Total Reward Package

Glossary of benefits and qualifying conditions

Non-pensionable Salary Supplements:
Some positions will have non-pensionable salary
supplements e.g. temporary additional responsibility allowance. They are not considered as salary for the purpose of calculating increase relating to annual pay review, Employer Pension contributions, overtime rates and other associated salary changes.
GRL Pension Scheme:
Employees with a contract of more than three months will be automatically enrolled in the Defined Contribution GRL Pension Scheme. Employees who started before 1st April 2016 will be members of the GRL Defined Benefit Scheme which has both contributory and non-contributory options and in addition, employees can choose to make additional voluntary contributions.
Group Income Protection:
Employees with a contract that is more than 12 months are eligible for membership of GIP. In the event of incapacity that precludes an employee from undertaking work an application can be made to the scheme for support for salary payments and accrual of pension benefits paid at a percentage of basic pay for a period of up to 4 years.
Life Assurance:
There is no service qualification. In the event of an employee’s death before retirement, but whilst still in service, the Plan provides a lump sum of six times basic pay.
Healthcare Scheme:
Employees can elect to become members of the Group Healthcare
Scheme. Members can also opt to add dependants to the scheme at their
own cost. Further information can be found on FRED.

For more information on the benefits available please visit our benefits page.