Dr Gavin J Wright | Senior Group Leader

Wright, Gavin J

Gavin is interested in the molecular basis of cellular recognition events. The goals of his research are to obtain a mechanistic understanding of how cells interact both within our own bodies and with pathogens. Ultimately, this knowledge will inform the rational design of intervention strategies for the treatment and prevention of genetic and infectious diseases.

Gavin graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in Biochemistry in 1996 before studying for a D.Phil. within the Medical Research Council (MRC) Cellular Immunology Unit with Professor Neil Barclay at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology.

He initially worked on CD200 (formally OX2), a cell surface protein expressed in both the immune and nervous systems and discovered its receptor, which was found to be restricted to myeloid-lineage cells. Together with collaborators, Gavin's team showed that endogenous CD200 and also close homologues of this protein which had been captured by both pox and herpes viruses delivered restrictive signals to macrophages to locally suppress their activation. It is these studies that sparked his broad interests in cell surface receptor proteins and their role in cellular signalling and recognition processes. For his postdoc, Gavin worked with Dr Julian Lewis at Cancer Research UK, London where he studied the Notch signalling pathway, using the zebrafish model organism.

His research at the Wellcome Sanger Institute has focused on taking large-scale systematic approaches to identify novel receptor-ligand pairs that initiate intercellular signalling. In particular, Gavin is interested in the low affinity interactions that are a common feature of cell surface receptor interactions and develops new methods to identify this type of binding event which cannot be easily detected using other scalable techniques. The laboratory has identified many novel receptor-ligand pairs including Juno-Izumo, which is essential for mammalian sperm-egg recognition, and RH5-basigin that is required for the invasion of blood cells by the malaria parasite.


  • Juno is the egg Izumo receptor and is essential for mammalian fertilization.

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  • Basigin is a receptor essential for erythrocyte invasion by Plasmodium falciparum.

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  • Jamb and jamc are essential for vertebrate myocyte fusion.

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  • Large-scale screening for novel low-affinity extracellular protein interactions.

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  • Lymphoid/neuronal cell surface OX2 glycoprotein recognizes a novel receptor on macrophages implicated in the control of their function.

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  • Adaptation of Plasmodium falciparum to humans involved the loss of an ape-specific erythrocyte invasion ligand.

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  • High-Content Imaging for Large-Scale Detection of Low-Affinity Extracellular Protein Interactions.

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  • Resurrection of the ancestral RH5 invasion ligand provides a molecular explanation for the origin of P. falciparum malaria in humans.

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  • Detection of Cell Surface Ligands for Human Synovial γδ T Cells.

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  • Heparan sulfates are critical regulators of the inhibitory megakaryocyte-platelet receptor G6b-B.

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  • Antibody Reactivity to Merozoite Antigens in Ghanaian Adults Correlates With Growth Inhibitory Activity Against Plasmodium falciparum in Culture.

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  • Human Antibodies that Slow Erythrocyte Invasion Potentiate Malaria-Neutralizing Antibodies.

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  • A defined mechanistic correlate of protection against Plasmodium falciparum malaria in non-human primates.

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  • Important Extracellular Interactions between Plasmodium Sporozoites and Host Cells Required for Infection.

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  • Robust adaptive immune response against Babesia microti infection marked by low parasitemia in a murine model of sickle cell disease.

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  • Pooled extracellular receptor-ligand interaction screening using CRISPR activation.

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  • Approaches to identify extracellular receptor-ligand interactions.

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  • A library of recombinant Babesia microti cell surface and secreted proteins for diagnostics discovery and reverse vaccinology.

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  • Genome-scale identification of cellular pathways required for cell surface recognition.

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  • Alpha-v-containing integrins are host receptors for the Plasmodium falciparum sporozoite surface protein, TRAP.

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  • Synergistic malaria vaccine combinations identified by systematic antigen screening.

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  • P113 is a merozoite surface protein that binds the N terminus of Plasmodium falciparum RH5.

    Galaway F, Drought LG, Fala M, Cross N, Kemp AC et al.

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  • EphrinB1/EphB3b Coordinate Bidirectional Epithelial-Mesenchymal Interactions Controlling Liver Morphogenesis and Laterality.

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  • Sperm Meets Egg: The Genetics of Mammalian Fertilization.

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  • Binding of Plasmodium falciparum Merozoite Surface Proteins DBLMSP and DBLMSP2 to Human Immunoglobulin M Is Conserved among Broadly Diverged Sequence Variants.

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  • The structure of sperm Izumo1 reveals unexpected similarities with Plasmodium invasion proteins.

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  • Divergent evolution of vitamin B9 binding underlies Juno-mediated adhesion of mammalian gametes.

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  • A Library of Plasmodium vivax Recombinant Merozoite Proteins Reveals New Vaccine Candidates and Protein-Protein Interactions.

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  • Processing of Plasmodium falciparum Merozoite Surface Protein MSP1 Activates a Spectrin-Binding Function Enabling Parasite Egress from RBCs.

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  • P-selectin is a host receptor for Plasmodium MSP7 ligands.

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  • A Human Platelet Receptor Protein Microarray Identifies the High Affinity Immunoglobulin E Receptor Subunit α (FcεR1α) as an Activating Platelet Endothelium Aggregation Receptor 1 (PEAR1) Ligand.

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  • Cross-species fertilization: the hamster egg receptor, Juno, binds the human sperm ligand, Izumo1.

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  • A panel of recombinant monoclonal antibodies against zebrafish neural receptors and secreted proteins suitable for wholemount immunostaining.

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  • The LRR receptor Islr2 is required for retinal axon routing at the vertebrate optic chiasm.

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  • Juno is the egg Izumo receptor and is essential for mammalian fertilization.

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  • Development of an antigen microarray for high throughput monoclonal antibody selection.

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  • Naturally acquired antibodies specific for Plasmodium falciparum reticulocyte-binding protein homologue 5 inhibit parasite growth and predict protection from malaria.

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  • RH5-Basigin interaction plays a major role in the host tropism of Plasmodium falciparum.

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  • A full-length recombinant Plasmodium falciparum PfRH5 protein induces inhibitory antibodies that are effective across common PfRH5 genetic variants.

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  • Biochemical and functional analysis of two Plasmodium falciparum blood-stage 6-cys proteins: P12 and P41.

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  • Semaphorin-7A is an erythrocyte receptor for P. falciparum merozoite-specific TRAP homolog, MTRAP.

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