Dr Michael Andrew Quail | Senior Staff Scientist - R&D Sequencing

Quail, Michael Andrew

Senior Staff Scientist within the DNA pipelines Research and Development Group with extensive knowledge, experience and skills in NGS (Illumina, PacBio, Ion Torrent, Oxford Nanopore), library preparation, molecular biology and automation.

My role at Sanger is to enable our DNA pipelines to meet the requirements of the Institute and the scientists within it.

I am involved in,

Evaluation and optimisation of existing and emerging sequencing technologies.

Evaulation and optimisation of library preparation protcols. Developing applications and optimising to achieve cost savings, improved performance, and to enable them to be performed reliably within our high throughput sequencing teams.

Evaluation and optimisation of ancilliary equipment including liquid handling automation, to enable more efficient sample handling and processing.


  • Improved protocols for the illumina genome analyzer sequencing system.

    Quail MA, Swerdlow H and Turner DJ

    Current protocols in human genetics 2009;Chapter 18;Unit 18.2

  • SASI-Seq: sample assurance Spike-Ins, and highly differentiating 384 barcoding for Illumina sequencing.

    Quail MA, Smith M, Jackson D, Leonard S, Skelly T et al.

    BMC genomics 2014;15;110

  • Direct sequencing of small genomes on the Pacific Biosciences RS without library preparation.

    Coupland P, Chandra T, Quail M, Reik W and Swerdlow H

    BioTechniques 2012;53;6;365-72

  • G&T-seq: parallel sequencing of single-cell genomes and transcriptomes.

    Macaulay IC, Haerty W, Kumar P, Li YI, Hu TX et al.

    Nature methods 2015;12;6;519-22

  • A tale of three next generation sequencing platforms: comparison of Ion Torrent, Pacific Biosciences and Illumina MiSeq sequencers.

    Quail MA, Smith M, Coupland P, Otto TD, Harris SR et al.

    BMC genomics 2012;13;341

  • Optimal enzymes for amplifying sequencing libraries.

    Quail MA, Otto TD, Gu Y, Harris SR, Skelly TF et al.

    Nature methods 2011;9;1;10-1

  • Optimizing Illumina next-generation sequencing library preparation for extremely AT-biased genomes.

    Oyola SO, Otto TD, Gu Y, Maslen G, Manske M et al.

    BMC genomics 2012;13;1

  • A large genome center's improvements to the Illumina sequencing system.

    Quail MA, Kozarewa I, Smith F, Scally A, Stephens PJ et al.

    Nature methods 2008;5;12;1005-10

  • Amplification-free Illumina sequencing-library preparation facilitates improved mapping and assembly of (G+C)-biased genomes.

    Kozarewa I, Ning Z, Quail MA, Sanders MJ, Berriman M and Turner DJ

    Nature methods 2009;6;4;291-5

Quail, Michael Andrew
Michael's Timeline

Senior Staff Scientist in R&D group.


Library coordinator. Management of Library construction, 454 sequencing and mapping and archive groups


Head of Sequencing Library Construction. Set up of Illumina library group and implementation of automated NGS library prep


Project Leader. Managing group of molecular biologists making sequencing libraries and solving problem regions for pathogen genomes


Joined Sanger as Senior RA in Team 51 working in on Pathogen Genome Projects


PhD. University of Sheffield


Biotechnologist at Unilever.