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4-Year PhD programme application

If you would like to apply to the 4-year PhD Programme at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, please complete the on-line application form below. Sections which are required are marked with a "Req". If a required question does not apply to you, please enter 'n/a' in the response box. Please note this is not an application for admission to the University of Cambridge.

The closing date for applications to the Wellcome Sanger Institute's 4-year PhD Programme for the 2024 intake is Tuesday 28th November 2023 (09:00 GMT).

You will need to upload your University transcript(s) as PDF files as part of the application process, see the 'How to apply/FAQ' sections for more information. You will also need to complete sections on your research interests (max 200 words), relevant work experience (max 200 words) and a personal statement (max 400 words).

Note: At any stage in the process you can bookmark the URL/unique identifier (created after completing the first page) and use this to return to your application.

Once you have submitted your completed application form you will receive a confirmation email and your chosen referees will receive an email asking them to submit an on-line reference for you. Please ensure that you have provided their correct institutional email address and they have agreed to provide a reference for you. It is your responsibility to ensure your referees have submitted their reference by Tuesday 5th December 2023 (09:00 GMT). When a referee has submitted their reference, both you and the referee will receive an email confirmation. Please note that without references your application will not be processed.

The PhD application is now closed

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