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By registering for eduroam you are agreeing to abide by the Acceptable Usage Policy:

Acceptable Usage Policy

Users of the eduroam service must comply with the Janet Acceptable Usage Policy and the eduroam(UK) service policy.

When roaming users must abide by any conditions specified at the visited organisation, these will be published on the visited organisation's eduroam web page.

Key points

Users Must Not:

  • Circumvent or attempt to circumvent access controls or restrictions
  • "Hacking" or otherwise gaining access to services without proper authorization
  • Distribution of viruses or other "malware"
  • Distribution of material that violates the interlectual property (eg copyrights) of other people or organizations
  • Interfere with the network in any way that would cause a service to be unavailable for other users.
  • Make excessive demands of the network such that it has a detremental affect on the service provided for other users.
  • Use the network for the transmission of Unsolicited Broadcast Email (spam)

Users Should:

  • Use encryption for any communication that includes a security credential (eg email)
  • Ensure that devices used to connect to the network are up-to-date & have appropriate antivirus/anti-malware software installed
  • Remeber that the network is a shared resource for the campus.

The Systems Team monitor the network for performance and compliance reasons, any suspected breach of these policies/guidelines may result in disconnection from the network. User traffic may be intercepted and analysed to facilitate in problem solving and performance.

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