This is an archive page of the work that the Sequence Variation Infrastructure team undertook at the Sanger Institute and is being retained as a historical record. When its leader, Dr Thomas Keane, moved to EMBL-EBI to head up the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) and European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) in November 2016, the group members moved to other research teams to continue their work.

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Keane, Thomas
Dr Thomas Keane
Group Leader

Thomas Keane led the Sequence Variation Infrastructure group. His interests were in using genomic technologies to learn about biological processes with a particular focus on mouse and human disease. He is now based at EMBL-EBI.

Key Projects, Collaborations, Tools & Data

Here are some of the outputs of the team.

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  • Mouse genomic variation and its effect on phenotypes and gene regulation.

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  • Sequence-based characterization of structural variation in the mouse genome.

    Yalcin B, Wong K, Agam A, Goodson M, Keane TM et al.

    Nature 2011;477;7364;326-9

  • The genomic landscape shaped by selection on transposable elements across 18 mouse strains.

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  • Sequencing and characterization of the FVB/NJ mouse genome.

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  • The Mouse Genomes Project: a repository of inbred laboratory mouse strain genomes.

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