23 Mar 2017

The new platform technology, OPTi-OX, optimises the way of switching on genes in human stem cells

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute scientists and their collaborators at the University of Cambridge have created a new technique that simplifies the production of human brain and muscle cells - allowing millions of functional cells to be generated in just a few days. The results published today (23 March) in Stem Cell Reports open the door to producing a diversity of new cell types that could not be made before in order to study disease.

Dividing mouse embryo cells

22 Mar 2017

Archaeological traces of embryo development seen in adult cells

Analysing genomes from adult cells, Sanger Institute and their collaborators have been able to look back in time to reveal how each embryo developed. Published in Nature today (22 March 2017), the research shows that one of the cells from the two-cell stage of the human embryo, becomes more dominant than the other and ultimately makes up a higher proportion of the adult body.