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Randall, Joshua
Dr Joshua C. Randall
Group Leader

Joshua leads the Human Genetics Informatics team, who are responsible for handling the informatics needs of the Human Genetics faculty.

Key Projects, Collaborations, Tools & Data

HGI develops all of our software in the open in our public github repositories, and in accordance with Sanger's software policy, all software is available under a free and open source license. A selection of potentially useful software tools are listed below. We are also part of several large collaborations, including the MRC-funded medical informatics infrastructure projects eMedLab and UMIC.

Research Programmes

Partners and Funders

Within Sanger, we work closely with data production teams who supply the input to our processing pipelines, the systems teams who manage our infrastructure, and other informatics teams with whom we collaborate on some development projects. In addition, we work with researchers in the faculty teams to assist them with their informatics needs.We also have an industrial collaboration with Curoverse, Inc. in which we are trialling use of Arvados, an open-source system for scientific workflow management. 
Internal Partners
External Partners and Funders