Zebrafish resources

This resource page gives one-stop access to the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute's research and DNA, genetic and biological resources for zebrafish researchers.

Since the start of the Zebrafish Genome Sequencing Project in 2001, the Sanger Institute plays the lead role in sequencing the zebrafish (Danio rerio) genome, mapping variants, generating mutants and characterising them. Sanger Institute researchers model human disease in zebrafish and use it to interrogate cell signalling networks.

All these resources are all readily available from these pages.

[Wellcome Library, London]

Zebrafish Genome Sequencing Project

  • Zebrafish Genome Sequencing Project - The genome sequencing project from which data, assemblies and annotation are released frequently. You can find links here to search, repeatmask and download sequence, clone library information, frequently asked questions, tutorials and news.

Zebrafish Genome Sequencing Project: related information

Zebrafish Genome Annotation

  • Zebrafish Ensembl - Access to the annotated zebrafish genome from the latest Ensembl assembly.
  • Zebrafish Vega - Browse manually annotated zebrafish genome sequences from which data, assemblies and annotation are released frequently.

Zebrafish Mutation Project

  • Zebrafish Mutation Project - An open resource that seeks to identify, phenotype and distribute a large number of zebrafish mutants.

Zebrafish laboratories

* quick link - http://q.sanger.ac.uk/v7lgzw6t