Research support facility

Wellcome Library, London

Wellcome Library, London


The Research support facility (RSF) is a state of the art animal facility providing a controlled and reproducible environment for the mice, fish and frogs housed within it. The building includes a conventional animal housing area, dedicated quarantine rooms for importing mice and specialised rooms for pathogen research. The facility also includes a large, multi-suite Specified Pathogen-Free (SPF) barrier which ensures that the majority of mice are maintained at a very high health status.

The RSF is a 'designated establishment' and animals maintained within its confines are protected under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986. The facility is operated by a dedicated team of Home Office licensed managers and animal technicians who support the daily husbandry of the animals and carry out selected technical procedures for Institute investigators. The RSF also houses a Transgenic Technologies Group (TTG) which provides DNA and Embryonic Stem Cell (ESC) microinjection and mouse embryo cryopreservation services. Both teams are also responsible for the import and export of mice in to and out of the facility.

The RSF and the TTG provide support to individual Faculty member's research programmes, as well as to Institute-wide flagship programs like the Mouse Genetics Programme (MGP) and the Zebrafish Mutation Resource (ZMR).

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