Talks and training

Communicating with researchers is a key part of the scientific process: we run an extensive programme of seminars, lectures and training activities in collaboration with our internal and external scientific community.

Our events are designed to help to contribute to a scientific environment that fosters collaborative work and encourages the exchange of ideas. Together, our seminar and lecture events provide a forum for scientists, PhD students and scientific world leaders from around the globe to share their ideas and learn from one another.

The Sanger Institute presents three series of talks:

  • the Distinguished Lecture Series, where invited scientific world leaders share their latest findings and techniques with the Institute
  • the Sanger EBI Seminar Series, run in collaboration with the European Bioinformatics Institute, which features prominent scientists invited by researchers at both Institutes
  • our PhD Seminars, which give final-year students the opportunity to share their research findings. PhD seminars typically take place between thesis submissions and vivas.

To promote best practice around the world, the Institute also runs Open Door Workshops. These are an opportunity for experts at the Institute to share their knowledge and provide training for the wider research community.

Notes for attendees

To save time at the Security Reception on arrival, lecture and seminar attendees should contact the Seminars Coordinator (, 01223 494792) with their name and affiliation.

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Seminars & lectures

Seminars & lecturesThe courses and conferences website - - provides details of our forthcoming seminars and lectures and events hosted by other organisations on site


Open Door Workshops

Open Door WorkshopsThe Open Door Workshops provide an introduction to bioinformatics tools freely available on the internet, focusing primarily on human genome data


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