Phusion Assembler

Phusion is a software package for assembling genome sequences from whole genome shotgun(WGS) reads.

The Phusion assembler takes WGS reads, mostly paired with known insert sizes, as input along with quality score assigned for each base and produces a set of supercontigs (scaffords).

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There are a number of stages in the pipeline. One of the key elements in the assembler system is that it clusters the reads into sensible groups and each group of reads is treated independent of others for reads alignment and consensus generation to form initial contigs. This allows a parallelised approach in this computational intensive stage. The software package phrap is used in the process of initial contig building. Read pair information is applied extensively in the contig and supercontig construction.

The Phusion assembler is involved in assembling a number of genomes, such as mouse, zebrafish, C. briggsae, Schistosoma mansoni etc.



Details of the Phusion algorithms are described in the following publication:


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