This page refers to the procedures required by Image Version 3.10 and above.

Get the software

  • First download a copy of the archive containing the binaries and the help documents.

Install the programs and the help pages

  • Note: in order to install the software publically in your system, you have to gain root-access, If you aren't a privileged root-user or don't know what a root-user is, contact your system administrator and ask him/her to perform the tasks involving access to protected directories.
  • untar the archive
    zcat <archive>.tar.Z | tar -xvf -
  • copy the programs in the bin/ subdir into a suitable directory in your $PATH
  • copy all files from the directory imhelp/ to the directory /usr/local/image/help/, which is the default assumed by im3. If the help pages will reside in another directory be sure to configure the $help_directory keyword in the im3-executable.

Configure the SHELL-environment

  • you will have to set the variable $IMTOP_DIR to be the top-directory where all Image mapping projects are stored, e.g. ~/imdata/ in your home-directory.
  • Check the help page on environment variables for more variables and how to set them.

Configure the im3-executable

  • Check the help page on built-in configuration on how to configure the launching of external programs. The default configuration will assume that all other programs from the bin/ directory of the distribution archive are in a directory which is in your $PATH setup of your command-shell.

Start using Image

  • Before you can use Image, you need to import some data. You can download some examples or scan your own images.
  • Use the imimport script to create a gel project for the particular image file. It will be copied to the appropriate location under your $IMTOP_DIR.
  • You can now start analysing those gels by running im3.
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