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Supported Image formats

The image conversion tool that comes with the Image distribution uses the ImageMagick package to convert a whole range of image formats to hidump. Listed are the file extension in bold face. They are recognized case-independently, e.g. image.dat and image.DAT are both recognized as an Amersham file and converted to Hidump.

Although the functionality is still there to convert all of these formats it isn't currently needed. The choice of formats is currently restricted by the choices given in the "image file format" option-menu in the project defaults dialog.

  • DAT Vax Bland file, written by Amersham scanner
  • ABI ABI Gel file, written by the ABI software
  • ALPHA ALPHA image
  • AVS AVS X image
  • BMP MS Windows bitmap image file
  • CMYK image of raw cyan, magenta, yellow and black
  • FITS FITS image file
  • GIF CompuServe Graphics image file
  • IRIS as RGB
  • JPEG as JPG
  • JPG JPEG image (only available with HaveJPEG option)
  • MIFF ImageMagick's own image format
  • MTV MTV image
  • PBM portable bitmap image
  • PCX ZSoft IBM PC Paintbrush file
  • PGM portable greymap image
  • PICT Apple Mac QuickDraw/PICT file
  • PPM portable pixmap image (colour)
  • PNM portable anymap image
  • RAS SUN raster image
  • RGB SGI RGB image file
  • RLE run-length encoded Utah Raster Toolkit image file
  • SUN as RAS
  • TGA Truevision Targa image file
  • TIF Tagged image file format (only available with HaveTIFF option)
  • TIFF as TIF
  • VICAR VICAR image
  • VIFF Khoros Visualization image file
  • XBM X11 bitmap image
  • XPM X11 pixmap image
  • XV as VIFF
  • YUV image with raw Y, U, and V bytes

Last modified : November 1999 Image 3.10

* quick link - http://q.sanger.ac.uk/7eqvspmg