The Gel Parameter Dialog

This dialog box pops up when the user double clicks on a gel-name in the gel chooser in the Image startup window.

This window is a blocking dialog. This means you need to finish with this window by clicking [OK] or [Cancel] before you can do anything else.

  • OK - Save all shown parameters and proceed with gel processing (to Step 1)
  • Cancel - Loose all modifications, close window and return to startup window.

This window can pop up in one of two states - expanded or contracted. In the contracted state most parameters are hidden from the user. Once the parameters have been entered it may not be useful to present them again every time the gel is opened, as they should be assumed correct once processing has started.

However, you can switch the window state using the button called [Show all parameters].

The parameters in the top part

Two parameters are always shown, even if the window is contracted. The "gel number" and the "first clone name". These two values cannot be determined from project defaults as they always differ from gel to gel.

gel number
number of this gel or any other unique archiving id. This value can be alphanumeric, it will be used to identify this gel in the software used for the further analysis of Image output data.
first clone name
This value may help to initialize the clone names for this gel. If your system is configured to import the clone names from an external database utility this field can be left blank. If a names file exists for this gel this value will not be editable.
If all clones loaded on the gel have subsequent names, just enter the name of the first one and the rest will be initialized from this name based on the naming scheme. (which can be selected in the bottom half of the window, if it is fully expanded.)

The remaining gel parameters

If the gel has never been opened before, the remaining gel parameters will be initialized from the project defaults as configured in the project defaults dialog. If this happens, the dialog comes up in the expanded state. This is the time to confirm all the parameters and check that the project defaults really do apply correctly to this gel.

The help page on gel parameters explains each individual parameter and its possible settings.

Last modified : November 1999 Image 3.10

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