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The clone names file

The clonenames for every gel are stored in a file called "names" in the geldirectory.

The names file stores a clone names for each lane, and a flag to say whether this clone is being used on this gel or not. This flag is set by the middle mouse-button action in Step 3, which is used to switch lanes on or off. The bands from lanes that are switched off are not used in later processing, i.e. they aren't transferred to FPC.

Beside the clone names Image can also store the name of the digest that was used for each clone. This feature is always disabled for ABI gels.

File format

The first field on each line is the lane number. The second field is the sign for the on/off sign for the lane. Only the + and the - character are allowed in this field.

The clonename itself appears in quotes - marker lanes are always called "marker" and there is no option in Step #3 to change that. A fourth field in the line is optional - The digest name has to be quoted if it is present, but other than that it can be left out. This field will not appear on the line if the digest name was left blank, even if digest-names are used elsewhere on this gel.

Missing quotes in the clone or digest name are reported as an error in Step #3 and it will fail to load the names.

 0 - "marker" 
 1 + "bB156P24" 
 2 + "bB164K8" 
 3 - "-" 
 4 - "marker" 
 5 + "bB157E16" 
 6 + "bB164K9" 
 7 - "-" 
 8 - "marker" 
 9 + "bB157G23" 
10 + "bB165J23" 
11 - "-" 
12 - "marker" 
13 + "bB158A18" 
14 + "bB167A12" 
15 - "-" 
16 - "marker" 
17 + "bB161D17" 
18 + "bB167F7" 
19 - "-" 
20 - "marker" 
21 + "bB163O10" 
22 + "bB169N6" 

Last modified : November 1999 Image 3.10

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