Image - The fingerprint image analsysis system

Image is a package of analysis algorithms for processing gel images from restriction digest fingerprinting experiments. Image has been tightly integrated with a friendly user interface and provides a robust tool for large scale physical mapping. Image is able to process gels from a wide variety of scanning technologies and has been tested on various fingerprinting protocols, producing normalized band and gel images as output.

The gel image is scanned or otherwise imported as an image file, and analyzed step by step. At each step the gel is analyzed a little further, and the results are displayed on the screen, where a manual editor is provided at each stage. These stages are :

  • 0. Choosing a gel for editing & enter/confirm gel parameters
  • 1. Preview/Edit gel image
  • 2. Edit lane tracking data
  • 3. Edit band data lane by lane
  • 4. Edit marker lock
  • 5. Finish ! - write final output and transfer to database

Last modified : November 1999 Image 3.10

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