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The info file

All parameters of a gel that may be specified in the gel parameter dialog are stored in a file called "info" in the geldirectory. Other than the parameters which can be modified in graphical dialog boxes, the gelinfo-file stores a few more parameters which are derived or implied values. They are stored in the gelinfo-file for reference or so they can be used as command line arguments to external programs which are configured using the built-in settings.

Other parameters

Because they only appear in the gelinfo-file, these additional parameters have no common name, they are simply referred to by their keyword name :

complete pathname of the directory of the gel's project.
the name of the gels project.
complete pathname of the geldirectory.
the name of the gel itself.
The complete pathname of the raw imagefile, which was produced by the scanning hardware. This is the image file which will converted into a display image (for Step 1 and 2).
When the image is converted, in most cases it will write at least two image files. One hidump file for the display in Step 1 and 2, and another 16 Bit hidump file, which will be used by the analysis steps to make use of the maximum amount of information possible. This parameter specified the name of the 16 Bit image (if available).
"imagewidth", "imageheight"
Describes the image dimensions. These values are established after image conversion, when the 8 Bit hidump image is loaded for display in Step 1.
Parameter that may be useful for the lanetracker (pathfinder). based on the imageheight and the number of lanes, and possibly other information, the pixel width of a lane is estimated, which may be used by the lanetracker to help find lanes. This assumes only small lane-less gaps at the top and bottom of the gel.
"username", "hostname"
Stored in the gelinfo file just for reference. Whenever a user accesses a gel, his username and hostname is written to the gelinfo-file.
Stored in the gelinfo file just for reference. Time of the last access to this gel.

Last modified : November 1999 Image 3.10

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