Running the interactive Fingerprint Image Analysis system

You interact with Image through the im3 tool. The only useful command line argument is

  • --display <dispname>:0.0 to set the display to your current screen, otherwise the environment variable $DISPLAY is used as usual.

You don't have to provide any other arguments. Image gathers it's configuration details from a few environment variables and from settings that are built-in to the executable program.

The Image startup screen

The pulldown menus in this window are as follows

  • File - Quit - will close down current gel and exit the program
  • View - Refresh display - re-reads all directories and update the two chooser windows, also useful if the window has been resized.
  • Help - current - brings up this help window with the page explaining the current display.

The startup screen consists apart from buttons and menus of two displays:

Last modified : November 1999 Image 3.10

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