Zebrafish genome - data download

The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute is sequencing the genome of the zebrafish (Danio rerio). This project is based on a mapped genome and capillary sequencing.

The finished clones are manually annotated and accessible in our vertebrate genome annotation database Vega. We also generate integrated whole genome assemblies, which are automatically annotated and accessible in Ensembl.

[Wellcome Library, London]


EnsemblAccess to the zebrafish genome sequence in Ensembl


Genome Reference Consortium (GRC)

Genome Reference Consortium (GRC)Aims to ensure that the human, mouse and zebrafish reference assemblies are biologically relevant by closing gaps, fixing errors and representing complex variation


Zebrafish clones and maps

Zebrafish clones and mapsLearn about zebrafish cloning and mapping at the Institute


Zebrafish genome assemblies

Zebrafish genome assembliesAccess the zebrafish genome assemblies


* quick link - http://q.sanger.ac.uk/kp9o5xlu