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As one of the largest sequencing centres in the world for more than 15 years, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute has produced more than 100 finished genomes. All can be accessed from the links below.

The pages include description of the project, the organism, partners and any research papers related to the work.

Please read our Data-sharing policy and Guidelines on the use of data in publications.

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Bacterial genomes

Bacterial genomesThe Institute produces many bacterial genome sequences: access information about these projects and search or download genome sequences


Virus genomes

Virus genomesAccess to genomes of human and other animal viruses and bacterial viruses (bacteriophages)


Helminth genomes

Helminth genomesData for genomes of parasitic and other helminths are immediately and freely available


Protozoan genomes

Protozoan genomesOur protozoan sequencing effort is concentrated on pathogens and model organisms. Access a list of all our current, past and forthcoming projects


Disease vector genomes

Disease vector genomesData for genomes of organisms that transmit pathogens between hosts


Plasmid genomes

Plasmid genomesAccess genome sequence information for plasmid genomes


Fungal genomes

Fungal genomesOur fungal sequencing effort is concentrated on pathogens and model organisms. Access a list of projects funded, underway or completed.


Yeast genomes

Yeast genomesSequencing and analysis of multiple strains of S. cerevisiae and S. paradoxus to advance understanding of genomic variation and evolution.


Human genomes

Human genomesAccess to the reference human genome sequence, other human genome sequences and to individual human chromosomes


Zebrafish genomes

Zebrafish genomesThe zebrafish reference genome sequence will be completed by the Sanger Institute by 2010. Access maps, clones or the genome in Ensembl or contribute to annotation


Mouse genomes

Mouse genomesAccess mouse genome sequences, learn about sequencing work at The Sanger Institute and read about the Genome reference consortium


Gorilla genome

Gorilla genomeLearn about the gorilla sequencing project and access the publicly available draft assembly through Ensembl


Other vertebrate genomes

Other vertebrate genomesAccess pig, pufferfish, chicken and non-obese diabetic mouse genomes, get information about the projects and view or download the genome


Worm genomes

Worm genomesThe Institute collaborated in the sequencing of the C. elegans and C. brigssae genomes


Bacteriophage genomes

Bacteriophage genomesAccess genome sequence information for bacteriophage genomes


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