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Drosophila melanogaster
Motifs inferred from D. melanogaster promoter regions (October 2006)
D. melanogaster promoter motifs with significant correlations to embryonic gene expression patterns (October 2006)
embryonic inner optic lobe (P=0E0)
need new term(larval eye primordium) (P=0E0)
embryonic leading edge cell (P=0E0)
embryonic leading edge cell specific anlage (P=0E0)
gonadal sheath (P=0E0)
ventral midline glia (P=0E0)
embryonic inner optic lobe primordium (P=0E0)
Bolwig's organ primordium (P=0E0)
embryonic Bolwig's organ (P=0E0)
photoreceptor (P=0E0)
Bolwig's organ (P=0E0)
atrium (P=0E0)
rectum (P=0E0)
rectum primordium (P=0E0)
embryonic rectum (P=0E0)
embryonic/larval rectum (P=0E0)
rectum specific anlage (P=0E0)
maxillary sensory complex primordium (P=0E0)
embryonic maxillary sensory complex (P=0E0)
need new term(sensory system head) (P=0E0)
Malpighian tubule main body primordium (P=0E0)
lateral cord glia (P=0E0)
ganglion mother cell (P=0E0)
neuroblast of ventral nervous system (P=0E0)
ventral neurectoderm (P=0E0)
embryonic neuroblast (P=0E0)
embryonic ganglion mother cell (P=0E0)
lateral cord neuron (P=0E0)
labral sensory complex (P=0E0)
embryonic foregut sensory structure (P=0E0)
labral sensory complex primordium (P=0E0)
labial sensory complex primordium (P=0E0)
labral sensory complex specific anlage (P=0E0)
embryonic labial sensory complex (P=0E0)
tracheal primordium (P=0E0)
tracheal system specific anlage (P=0E0)
embryonic/larval dorsal trunk (P=0E0)
dorsal trunk specific anlage (P=0E0)
tracheal anlage (P=0E0)
trachea (P=0E0)
embryonic/larval trachea (P=0E0)
embryonic optic lobe (P=0E0)
embryonic optic lobe primordium (P=0E0)
fat body specific anlage (P=0E0)
fat body/gonad primordium (P=0E0)
embryonic central brain glia (P=0E0)
embryonic glial cell (P=0E0)
glial cell (P=0E0)
neuron (P=0E0)
glioblast (P=0E0)
embryonic central brain neuron (P=0E0)
mesectoderm primordium (P=0E0)
mesectoderm anlage in statu nascendi (P=0E0)
midline primordium (P=0E0)
gnathal primordium (P=0E0)
mesectoderm (P=0E0)
neuroblast (P=0E0)
ventral midline (P=0E0)
mesectoderm anlage (P=0E0)
hindgut proper primordium (P=0E0)
embryonic/larval tracheal system (P=0E0)
stage9-10 (P=0E0)
tracheal system (P=0E0)
embryonic epidermis (P=0E0)
P3 primordium (P=0E0)
procephalic ectoderm anlage (P=0E0)
ventral ectoderm anlage in statu nascendi (P=0E0)
embryonic digestive system (P=0E0)
stage (P=0E0)
procephalic ectoderm anlage in statu nascendi (P=0E0)
digestive system (P=0E0)
whole organism (P=0E0)
ventral epidermis primordium (P=0E0)
embryonic/larval foregut (P=0E0)
ventral ectoderm primordium (P=0E0)
adult midgut precursor (P=0E0)
developing embryonic structure (P=0E0)
embryonic/larval digestive system (P=0E0)
embryo (P=0E0)
germ layer anlage (P=0E0)
embryonic foregut (P=0E0)
epidermis (P=0E0)
primordium (P=0E0)
ectoderm anlage (P=0E0)
procephalic ectoderm primordium (P=0E0)
Drosophila (P=0E0)
germ layer (P=0E0)
integumentary system (P=0E0)
ectoderm (P=0E0)
ventral ectoderm anlage (P=0E0)
embryonic ventral epidermis (P=0E0)
P2 primordium (P=0E0)
anlage in statu nascendi (P=0E0)
stage13-16 (P=0E0)
foregut (P=0E0)
larva (P=0E0)
stomodeal invagination (P=0E0)
organ system (P=0E0)
anlage (P=0E0)
ectoderm anlage in statu nascendi (P=0E0)
anterior ectoderm (P=0E0)
stomodeum (P=0E0)
embryonic integumentary system (P=0E0)
embryonic dorsal pouch primordium (P=0E0)
visual anlage in statu nascendi (P=0E0)
dorsal ectoderm anlage (P=0E0)
dorsal ectoderm anlage in statu nascendi (P=0E0)
visual anlage (P=0E0)
ventral sensory complex primordium (P=0E0)
specific anlage (P=0E0)
dorsal ectoderm primordium (P=0E0)
ventral epidermal specific anlage (P=0E0)
visual primordium (P=0E0)
embryonic head epidermis (P=0E0)
dorsal epidermis primordium (P=0E0)
dorsal epidermis specific anlage (P=0E0)
ventral sensory complex specific anlage (P=0E0)
nervous system (P=0E0)
ventral nervous system (P=0E0)
neurogenic region (P=0E0)
embryonic/larval nervous system (P=0E0)
embryonic central nervous system (P=0E0)
central nervous system (P=0E0)
embryonic nervous system (P=0E0)
nerve (P=0E0)
embryonic ventral nervous system (P=0E0)
nerve fiber (P=0E0)
ventral nerve cord (P=0E0)
ventral neurogenic region (P=0E0)
subset (P=0E0)
embryonic tagma (P=0E0)
embryonic central brain (P=0E0)
lateral cord (P=0E0)
stage11-12 (P=0E0)
embryonic head (P=0E0)
protocerebrum primordium (P=0E0)
procephalic neuroblasts (P=0E0)
tagma (P=0E0)
procephalic neurogenic region (P=0E0)
ventral neuroderm anlage (P=0E0)
embryonic brain (P=0E0)
germ band (P=0E0)
ventral nerve cord primordium (P=0E0)
head (P=0E0)
brain (P=0E0)
foregut anlage (P=0E0)
foregut anlage in statu nascendi (P=0E0)
external foregut primordium (P=0E0)
embryonic dorsal epidermis (P=0E0)
embryonic/larval visceral branch (P=2E-7)
proventriculus (P=2E-7)
embryonic proventriculus (P=2E-7)
embryonic/larval proventriculus (P=2E-7)
head epidermis primordium (P=2E-7)
sense organ (P=2E-7)
sensory nervous system primordium (P=2E-7)
peripheral nervous system (P=2E-7)
visceral branch specific anlage (P=4E-7)
sensory nervous system specific anlage (P=4E-7)
proventriculus primordium (P=6E-7)
ventral midline neuroblast (P=1.2E-6)
foregut primordium (P=1.4E-6)
antennal primordium1 (P=1.4E-6)
antennal primordium2 (P=1.4E-6)
imaginal precursor (P=5.2E-6)
foregut specific anlage (P=8.6E-6)
embryonic imaginal precursor (P=3.24E-5)
visceral mesoderm anlage (P=3.96E-5)
visceral mesoderm (P=3.96E-5)
circulatory system (P=4.14E-5)
embryonic/larval circulatory system (P=4.14E-5)
stomatogastric nervous system (P=4.3E-5)
embryonic stomatogastric nervous system (P=4.3E-5)
embryonic small intestine (P=5.12E-5)
small intestine primordium (P=5.12E-5)
embryonic proventriculus intermediate layer (P=5.32E-5)
anal pad (P=5.76E-5)
embryonic anal pad (P=5.76E-5)
labral segment (P=9.02E-5)
embryonic/larval epipharynx (P=9.02E-5)
epipharynx (P=9.02E-5)
embryonic epipharynx (P=9.02E-5)
embryonic central brain surface glia (P=1.128E-4)
clypeo-labral specific anlage (P=1.134E-4)
clypeo-labral primordium (P=1.134E-4)
embryonic/larval oenocyte (P=1.336E-4)
oenocyte (P=1.336E-4)
anal pad specific anlage (P=1.346E-4)
embryonic midgut chamber (P=1.72E-4)
oenocyte specific anlage (P=1.77E-4)
small intestine specific anlage (P=1.796E-4)
stage7-8 (P=2.01E-4)
embryonic esophagus (P=2.042E-4)
esophagus primordium (P=2.042E-4)
esophagus specific anlage (P=2.042E-4)
esophagus (P=2.042E-4)
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