Phenodigm > Tissue Phenotype Associations

MP ID MP term
MP:0000035 abnormal membranous labyrinth morphology
MP:0000061 fragile skeleton
MP:0000062 increased bone mineral density
MP:0000063 decreased bone mineral density
MP:0000065 abnormal bone marrow cavity morphology
MP:0000066 osteoporosis
MP:0000067 osteopetrosis
MP:0000074 abnormal neurocranium morphology
MP:0000120 malocclusion
MP:0000130 abnormal trabecular bone morphology
MP:0000131 abnormal long bone epiphysis morphology
MP:0000133 abnormal long bone metaphysis morphology
MP:0000135 decreased compact bone thickness
MP:0000159 abnormal xiphoid process morphology
MP:0000160 kyphosis
MP:0000161 scoliosis
MP:0000162 lordosis
MP:0000166 abnormal chondrocyte morphology
MP:0000172 abnormal bone marrow cell number
MP:0000180 abnormal circulating cholesterol level
MP:0000182 increased circulating LDL cholesterol level
MP:0000183 decreased circulating LDL cholesterol level
MP:0000186 decreased circulating HDL cholesterol level
MP:0000189 hypoglycemia
MP:0000194 increased circulating calcium level
MP:0000195 decreased circulating calcium level
MP:0000208 decreased hematocrit
MP:0000217 abnormal leukocyte cell number
MP:0000218 increased leukocyte cell number
MP:0000219 increased neutrophil cell number
MP:0000220 increased monocyte cell number
MP:0000229 abnormal megakaryocyte differentiation
MP:0000239 absent common myeloid progenitor cells
MP:0000240 extramedullary hematopoiesis
MP:0000242 impaired fertilization
MP:0000243 myoclonus
MP:0000245 abnormal erythropoiesis
MP:0000249 abnormal blood vessel physiology
MP:0000259 abnormal vascular development
MP:0000260 abnormal angiogenesis
MP:0000266 abnormal heart morphology
MP:0000267 abnormal heart development
MP:0000274 enlarged heart
MP:0000276 heart right ventricle hypertrophy
MP:0000277 abnormal heart shape
MP:0000278 abnormal myocardial fiber morphology
MP:0000281 abnormal interventricular septum morphology
MP:0000291 enlarged pericardium
MP:0000292 distended pericardium
MP:0000295 trabecula carnea hypoplasia
MP:0000296 absent trabeculae carneae
MP:0000321 increased bone marrow cell number
MP:0000333 decreased bone marrow cell number
MP:0000334 decreased granulocyte number
MP:0000336 decreased mast cell number
MP:0000343 altered response to myocardial infarction
MP:0000351 increased cell proliferation
MP:0000352 decreased cell proliferation
MP:0000358 abnormal cell morphology
MP:0000364 abnormal vascular regression
MP:0000367 abnormal coat/ hair morphology
MP:0000377 abnormal hair follicle morphology
MP:0000414 alopecia
MP:0000416 sparse hair
MP:0000438 abnormal cranium morphology
MP:0000462 abnormal digestive system morphology
MP:0000465 gastrointestinal hemorrhage
MP:0000474 abnormal foregut morphology
MP:0000479 abnormal enterocyte morphology
MP:0000490 abnormal crypts of Lieberkuhn morphology
MP:0000496 abnormal small intestine morphology
MP:0000519 hydronephrosis
MP:0000523 cortical renal glomerulopathies
MP:0000530 abnormal kidney blood vessel morphology
MP:0000534 abnormal ureter morphology
MP:0000596 abnormal liver development
MP:0000598 abnormal liver morphology
MP:0000599 enlarged liver
MP:0000600 liver hypoplasia
MP:0000601 small liver
MP:0000603 pale liver
MP:0000606 decreased hepatocyte number
MP:0000607 abnormal hepatocyte morphology
MP:0000609 abnormal liver physiology
MP:0000633 abnormal pituitary gland morphology
MP:0000642 enlarged adrenal glands
MP:0000662 abnormal branching of the mammary ductal tree
MP:0000685 abnormal immune system morphology
MP:0000689 abnormal spleen morphology
MP:0000691 enlarged spleen
MP:0000692 small spleen
MP:0000693 spleen hyperplasia
MP:0000694 spleen hypoplasia
MP:0000696 abnormal Peyer's patch morphology
MP:0000702 enlarged lymph nodes
MP:0000703 abnormal thymus morphology
MP:0000709 enlarged thymus
MP:0000711 thymus cortex hypoplasia
MP:0000715 decreased thymocyte number
MP:0000716 abnormal immune system cell morphology
MP:0000733 abnormal muscle development
MP:0000745 tremors
MP:0000747 muscle weakness
MP:0000748 progressive muscle weakness
MP:0000749 muscle degeneration
MP:0000751 myopathy
MP:0000752 dystrophic muscle
MP:0000755 hindlimb paralysis
MP:0000759 abnormal skeletal muscle morphology
MP:0000762 abnormal tongue morphology
MP:0000764 abnormal tongue epithelium morphology
MP:0000774 decreased brain size
MP:0000778 abnormal nervous system tract morphology
MP:0000780 abnormal corpus callosum morphology
MP:0000781 decreased corpus callosum size
MP:0000784 forebrain hypoplasia
MP:0000786 abnormal embryonic neuroepithelial layer differentiation
MP:0000787 abnormal telencephalon morphology
MP:0000788 abnormal cerebral cortex morphology
MP:0000807 abnormal hippocampus morphology
MP:0000808 abnormal hippocampus development
MP:0000812 abnormal dentate gyrus morphology
MP:0000822 abnormal brain ventricle morphology
MP:0000832 abnormal thalamus morphology
MP:0000849 abnormal cerebellum morphology
MP:0000857 abnormal cerebellar foliation
MP:0000872 abnormal cerebellum external granule cell layer morphology
MP:0000876 Purkinje cell degeneration
MP:0000877 abnormal Purkinje cell morphology
MP:0000880 decreased Purkinje cell number
MP:0000885 ectopic Purkinje cell
MP:0000886 abnormal cerebellar granule layer
MP:0000889 abnormal cerebellar molecular layer
MP:0000913 abnormal brain development
MP:0000921 demyelination
MP:0000934 abnormal telencephalon development
MP:0000937 abnormal motor neuron morphology
MP:0000947 convulsive seizures
MP:0000951 sporadic seizures
MP:0000952 abnormal CNS glial cell morphology
MP:0000953 abnormal oligodendrocyte morphology
MP:0001004 abnormal retinal photoreceptor morphology
MP:0001106 abnormal Schwann cell morphology
MP:0001120 abnormal uterus morphology
MP:0001127 small ovary
MP:0001145 abnormal male reproductive system morphology
MP:0001146 abnormal testis morphology
MP:0001147 small testis
MP:0001153 small seminiferous tubules
MP:0001155 arrest of spermatogenesis
MP:0001156 abnormal spermatogenesis
MP:0001175 abnormal lung morphology
MP:0001176 abnormal lung development
MP:0001179 thick pulmonary interalveolar septum
MP:0001190 reddish skin
MP:0001191 abnormal skin condition
MP:0001192 scaly skin
MP:0001195 flaky skin
MP:0001196 shiny skin
MP:0001208 blistering
MP:0001209 spontaneous skin ulceration
MP:0001212 skin lesions
MP:0001216 abnormal epidermal layer morphology
MP:0001218 thin epidermis
MP:0001219 thick epidermis
MP:0001222 epidermal hyperplasia
MP:0001236 abnormal epidermis stratum spinosum morphology
MP:0001239 abnormal epidermis stratum granulosum morphology
MP:0001240 abnormal epidermis stratum corneum morphology
MP:0001242 hyperkeratosis
MP:0001243 abnormal dermal layer morphology
MP:0001244 thin dermal layer
MP:0001258 decreased body length
MP:0001262 decreased body weight
MP:0001263 weight loss
MP:0001264 increased body size
MP:0001265 decreased body size
MP:0001273 decreased metastatic potential
MP:0001297 microphthalmia
MP:0001304 cataracts
MP:0001306 small lens
MP:0001312 abnormal cornea morphology
MP:0001314 corneal opacity
MP:0001317 abnormal pupil morphology
MP:0001322 abnormal iris morphology
MP:0001324 abnormal eye pigmentation
MP:0001325 abnormal retina morphology
MP:0001326 retinal degeneration
MP:0001327 decreased retinal photoreceptor cell number
MP:0001330 abnormal optic nerve morphology
MP:0001340 abnormal eyelid morphology
MP:0001349 excessive tearing
MP:0001360 abnormal social investigation
MP:0001363 increased anxiety-related response
MP:0001364 decreased anxiety-related response
MP:0001391 abnormal tail movements
MP:0001393 ataxia
MP:0001399 hyperactivity
MP:0001402 hypoactivity
MP:0001405 impaired coordination
MP:0001406 abnormal gait
MP:0001407 short stride length
MP:0001413 abnormal response to new environment
MP:0001415 increased exploration in new environment
MP:0001417 decreased exploration in new environment
MP:0001438 aphagia
MP:0001441 increased grooming behavior
MP:0001454 abnormal cued conditioning behavior
MP:0001463 abnormal spatial learning
MP:0001469 abnormal contextual conditioning behavior
MP:0001473 reduced long term potentiation
MP:0001475 reduced long term depression
MP:0001486 abnormal startle reflex
MP:0001488 increased startle reflex
MP:0001489 decreased startle reflex
MP:0001504 abnormal posture
MP:0001510 abnormal coat appearance
MP:0001512 trunk curl
MP:0001513 limb grasping
MP:0001516 abnormal motor coordination/ balance
MP:0001523 impaired righting response
MP:0001524 impaired limb coordination
MP:0001529 abnormal vocalization
MP:0001533 abnormal skeleton physiology
MP:0001541 abnormal osteoclast physiology
MP:0001544 abnormal cardiovascular system physiology
MP:0001545 abnormal hematopoietic system physiology
MP:0001547 abnormal lipid level
MP:0001552 increased circulating triglyceride level
MP:0001554 increased circulating free fatty acid level
MP:0001566 increased circulating phosphate level
MP:0001577 anemia
MP:0001585 hemolytic anemia
MP:0001601 abnormal myelopoiesis
MP:0001606 impaired hematopoiesis
MP:0001613 abnormal vasodilation
MP:0001614 abnormal blood vessel morphology
MP:0001622 abnormal vasculogenesis
MP:0001625 cardiac hypertrophy
MP:0001634 internal hemorrhage
MP:0001636 irregular heartbeat
MP:0001651 necrosis
MP:0001658 increased mortality induced by gamma-irradiation
MP:0001663 abnormal digestive system physiology
MP:0001672 abnormal embryogenesis/ development
MP:0001674 abnormal triploblastic development
MP:0001680 abnormal mesoderm development
MP:0001683 absent mesoderm
MP:0001685 abnormal endoderm development
MP:0001693 failure of primitive streak formation
MP:0001694 failure to form egg cylinders
MP:0001695 abnormal gastrulation
MP:0001696 failure to gastrulate
MP:0001698 decreased embryo size
MP:0001706 abnormal left-right axis patterning
MP:0001711 abnormal placenta morphology
MP:0001715 placental labyrinth hypoplasia
MP:0001716 abnormal placenta labyrinth morphology
MP:0001721 absent visceral yolk sac blood islands
MP:0001722 pale yolk sac
MP:0001724 abnormal extraembryonic endoderm formation
MP:0001730 embryonic growth arrest
MP:0001731 abnormal postnatal growth
MP:0001745 increased circulating corticosterone level
MP:0001764 abnormal homeostasis
MP:0001770 abnormal iron level
MP:0001780 decreased brown adipose tissue amount
MP:0001783 decreased white adipose tissue amount
MP:0001785 edema
MP:0001790 abnormal immune system physiology
MP:0001798 impaired macrophage phagocytosis
MP:0001800 abnormal humoral immune response
MP:0001802 arrested B cell differentiation
MP:0001805 decreased IgG level
MP:0001806 decreased IgM level
MP:0001807 decreased IgA level
MP:0001823 thymus hypoplasia
MP:0001825 arrested T cell differentiation
MP:0001828 abnormal T cell activation
MP:0001829 increased activated T cell number
MP:0001845 abnormal inflammatory response
MP:0001846 increased inflammatory response
MP:0001852 conjunctivitis
MP:0001860 liver inflammation
MP:0001861 lung inflammation
MP:0001870 salivary gland inflammation
MP:0001874 acanthosis
MP:0001876 decreased inflammatory response
MP:0001891 hydroencephaly
MP:0001899 absent long term depression
MP:0001900 impaired synaptic plasticity
MP:0001914 hemorrhage
MP:0001915 intracranial hemorrhage
MP:0001922 reduced male fertility
MP:0001925 male infertility
MP:0001926 female infertility
MP:0001929 abnormal gametogenesis
MP:0001932 abnormal spermiogenesis
MP:0001953 respiratory failure
MP:0001958 emphysema
MP:0001963 abnormal hearing physiology
MP:0001973 increased thermal nociceptive threshold
MP:0002016 ovary cysts
MP:0002018 malignant tumors
MP:0002020 increased tumor incidence
MP:0002022 increased lymphoma incidence
MP:0002023 B cell derived lymphoma
MP:0002024 T cell derived lymphoma
MP:0002027 lung adenocarcinoma
MP:0002032 sarcoma
MP:0002038 carcinoma
MP:0002051 skin papilloma
MP:0002052 decreased tumor incidence
MP:0002060 abnormal skin morphology
MP:0002063 abnormal learning/memory/conditioning
MP:0002064 seizures
MP:0002066 abnormal motor capabilities/coordination/movement
MP:0002067 abnormal sensory capabilities/reflexes/nociception
MP:0002078 abnormal glucose homeostasis
MP:0002079 increased circulating insulin level
MP:0002083 premature death
MP:0002085 abnormal embryonic tissue morphology
MP:0002086 abnormal extraembryonic tissue morphology
MP:0002090 abnormal vision
MP:0002092 abnormal eye morphology
MP:0002098 abnormal vibrissa morphology
MP:0002100 abnormal tooth morphology
MP:0002106 abnormal muscle physiology
MP:0002108 abnormal muscle morphology
MP:0002113 abnormal skeleton development
MP:0002118 abnormal lipid homeostasis
MP:0002123 abnormal hematopoiesis
MP:0002128 abnormal blood circulation
MP:0002135 abnormal kidney morphology
MP:0002136 abnormal kidney physiology
MP:0002144 abnormal B cell differentiation
MP:0002145 abnormal T cell differentiation
MP:0002160 abnormal reproductive system morphology
MP:0002161 abnormal fertility/fecundity
MP:0002168 other aberrant phenotype
MP:0002176 increased brain weight
MP:0002182 abnormal astrocyte morphology
MP:0002183 gliosis
MP:0002184 abnormal innervation
MP:0002188 small heart
MP:0002191 abnormal artery morphology
MP:0002192 hydrops fetalis
MP:0002196 absent corpus callosum
MP:0002206 abnormal CNS synaptic transmission
MP:0002207 abnormal long term potentiation
MP:0002216 abnormal seminiferous tubule morphology
MP:0002217 small lymph nodes
MP:0002269 muscular atrophy
MP:0002270 abnormal pulmonary alveolus morphology
MP:0002272 abnormal nervous system electrophysiology
MP:0002275 abnormal type II pneumocyte morphology
MP:0002310 decreased susceptibility to hepatic steatosis
MP:0002332 abnormal exercise endurance
MP:0002339 abnormal lymph node morphology
MP:0002356 abnormal spleen red pulp morphology
MP:0002357 abnormal spleen white pulp morphology
MP:0002358 abnormal spleen periarteriolar lymphoid sheath morphology
MP:0002359 abnormal spleen germinal center morphology
MP:0002376 abnormal dendritic cell physiology
MP:0002391 abnormal Peyer's patch germinal center morphology
MP:0002396 abnormal hematopoietic system morphology/development
MP:0002398 abnormal bone marrow cell morphology/development
MP:0002401 abnormal lymphopoiesis
MP:0002407 abnormal double-negative T cell morphology
MP:0002408 abnormal double-positive T cell morphology
MP:0002410 decreased susceptibility to viral infection
MP:0002412 increased susceptibility to bacterial infection
MP:0002416 abnormal proerythroblast morphology
MP:0002417 abnormal megakaryocyte morphology
MP:0002418 increased susceptibility to viral infection
MP:0002442 abnormal leukocyte physiology
MP:0002444 abnormal T cell physiology
MP:0002447 abnormal erythrocyte morphology
MP:0002451 abnormal macrophage physiology
MP:0002455 abnormal dendritic cell antigen presentation
MP:0002458 abnormal B cell number
MP:0002459 abnormal B cell physiology
MP:0002460 decreased immunoglobulin level
MP:0002461 increased immunoglobulin level
MP:0002463 abnormal neutrophil physiology
MP:0002490 abnormal immunoglobulin level
MP:0002492 decreased IgE level
MP:0002493 increased IgG level
MP:0002494 increased IgM level
MP:0002495 increased IgA level
MP:0002497 increased IgE level
MP:0002500 granulomatous inflammation
MP:0002551 abnormal blood coagulation
MP:0002557 abnormal social/conspecific interaction
MP:0002573 behavioral despair
MP:0002574 increased vertical activity
MP:0002575 increased circulating ketone body level
MP:0002590 increased mean corpuscular volume
MP:0002591 decreased mean corpuscular volume
MP:0002599 increased mean platelet volume
MP:0002619 abnormal lymphocyte morphology
MP:0002625 heart left ventricle hypertrophy
MP:0002628 hepatic steatosis
MP:0002637 small uterus
MP:0002640 reticulocytosis
MP:0002641 anisopoikilocytosis
MP:0002642 anisocytosis
MP:0002643 poikilocytosis
MP:0002644 decreased circulating triglyceride level
MP:0002652 thin myocardium
MP:0002656 abnormal keratinocyte differentiation
MP:0002657 chondrodystrophy
MP:0002663 failure to form blastocele
MP:0002674 abnormal sperm motility
MP:0002675 asthenozoospermia
MP:0002686 globozoospermia
MP:0002687 oligozoospermia
MP:0002690 akinesia
MP:0002697 abnormal eye size
MP:0002699 abnormal vitreous body morphology
MP:0002702 decreased circulating free fatty acid level
MP:0002703 abnormal renal tubule morphology
MP:0002705 dilated renal tubules
MP:0002718 abnormal inner cell mass morphology
MP:0002722 abnormal immune system organ morphology
MP:0002724 enhanced wound healing
MP:0002727 decreased circulating insulin level
MP:0002743 glomerulonephritis
MP:0002753 dilated heart left ventricle
MP:0002754 dilated heart right ventricle
MP:0002757 decreased vertical activity
MP:0002761 abnormal hippocampal mossy fiber morphology
MP:0002777 absent ovarian follicles
MP:0002781 increased circulating testosterone level
MP:0002784 abnormal Sertoli cell morphology
MP:0002790 decreased circulating follicle stimulating hormone level
MP:0002792 abnormal retinal vasculature morphology
MP:0002795 dilated cardiomyopathy
MP:0002796 impaired skin barrier function
MP:0002797 increased thigmotaxis
MP:0002801 abnormal long term object recognition memory
MP:0002804 abnormal motor learning
MP:0002812 spherocytosis
MP:0002813 microcytosis
MP:0002826 tonic seizures
MP:0002831 absent Peyer's patches
MP:0002833 increased heart weight
MP:0002834 decreased heart weight
MP:0002835 abnormal cranial suture morphology
MP:0002836 abnormal chorion morphology
MP:0002840 abnormal lens fiber morphology
MP:0002841 impaired skeletal muscle contractility
MP:0002843 decreased systemic arterial blood pressure
MP:0002864 abnormal ocular fundus morphology
MP:0002871 albuminuria
MP:0002874 decreased hemoglobin content
MP:0002875 decreased erythrocyte cell number
MP:0002882 abnormal neuron morphology
MP:0002886 abnormal glutamate-mediated receptor currents
MP:0002887 decreased susceptibility to pharmacologically induced seizures
MP:0002888 abnormal NMDA-mediated synaptic currents
MP:0002891 increased insulin sensitivity
MP:0002896 abnormal bone mineralization
MP:0002906 increased susceptibility to pharmacologically induced seizures
MP:0002908 delayed wound healing
MP:0002910 abnormal excitatory postsynaptic currents
MP:0002912 abnormal excitatory postsynaptic potential
MP:0002919 enhanced paired-pulse facilitation
MP:0002920 decreased paired-pulse facilitation
MP:0002941 increased circulating alanine transaminase level
MP:0002945 abnormal inhibitory postsynaptic currents
MP:0002953 thick ventricular wall
MP:0002962 increased urine protein level
MP:0002966 decreased circulating alkaline phosphatase level
MP:0002971 abnormal brown adipose tissue morphology
MP:0002972 abnormal cardiac muscle contractility
MP:0002981 increased liver weight
MP:0002988 decreased urine osmolality
MP:0002989 small kidney
MP:0002998 abnormal bone remodeling
MP:0003008 enhanced long term potentiation
MP:0003009 abnormal cytokine secretion
MP:0003011 delayed dark adaptation
MP:0003036 vertebral transformation
MP:0003037 increased myocardial infarction size
MP:0003038 decreased myocardial infarction size
MP:0003055 abnormal long bone epiphyseal plate morphology
MP:0003058 increased insulin secretion
MP:0003059 decreased insulin secretion
MP:0003068 enlarged kidney
MP:0003070 increased vascular permeability
MP:0003071 decreased vascular permeability
MP:0003077 abnormal cell cycle
MP:0003084 abnormal skeletal muscle fiber morphology
MP:0003085 abnormal egg cylinder morphology
MP:0003089 decreased skin tensile strength
MP:0003091 abnormal cell migration
MP:0003099 retinal detachment
MP:0003103 liver degeneration
MP:0003109 short femur
MP:0003111 abnormal cell nucleus morphology
MP:0003132 increased pre-B cell number
MP:0003135 increased erythroid progenitor cell number
MP:0003140 dilated heart atrium
MP:0003141 cardiac fibrosis
MP:0003156 abnormal leukocyte migration
MP:0003179 decreased platelet cell number
MP:0003203 increased neuron apoptosis
MP:0003205 testicular atrophy
MP:0003209 abnormal pulmonary elastic fiber morphology
MP:0003215 renal interstitial fibrosis
MP:0003222 increased cardiomyocyte apoptosis
MP:0003227 abnormal vascular branching morphogenesis
MP:0003229 abnormal vitelline vasculature morphology
MP:0003231 abnormal placenta vasculature
MP:0003271 abnormal duodenum morphology
MP:0003304 large intestinal inflammation
MP:0003311 aminoaciduria
MP:0003313 abnormal locomotor activation
MP:0003331 hepatocellular carcinoma
MP:0003339 decreased pancreatic beta cell number
MP:0003352 increased circulating renin level
MP:0003354 astrocytosis
MP:0003360 abnormal depression-related behavior
MP:0003383 abnormal gluconeogenesis
MP:0003396 abnormal embryonic hematopoiesis
MP:0003400 kinked neural tube
MP:0003406 failure of zygotic cell division
MP:0003427 parakeratosis
MP:0003436 decreased susceptibility to induced arthritis
MP:0003442 decreased circulating glycerol level
MP:0003449 abnormal intestinal goblet cell morphology
MP:0003453 abnormal keratinocyte physiology
MP:0003461 abnormal response to novel object
MP:0003463 abnormal single cell response
MP:0003484 abnormal channel response
MP:0003492 abnormal involuntary movement
MP:0003560 osteoarthritis
MP:0003562 abnormal pancreatic beta cell physiology
MP:0003566 abnormal cell adhesion
MP:0003567 abnormal fetal cardiomyocyte proliferation
MP:0003606 kidney failure
MP:0003628 abnormal leukocyte adhesion
MP:0003633 abnormal nervous system physiology
MP:0003635 abnormal synaptic transmission
MP:0003656 abnormal erythrocyte physiology
MP:0003657 abnormal erythrocyte osmotic lysis
MP:0003662 abnormal long bone epiphyseal plate proliferative zone
MP:0003671 abnormal eyelid aperture
MP:0003674 oxidative stress
MP:0003694 failure to hatch from the zona pellucida
MP:0003698 abnormal male reproductive system physiology
MP:0003710 abnormal physiological neovascularization
MP:0003717 pallor
MP:0003718 maternal effect
MP:0003721 increased tumor growth/size
MP:0003724 increased susceptibility to induced arthritis
MP:0003725 increased autoantibody level
MP:0003729 abnormal photoreceptor outer segment morphology
MP:0003730 abnormal photoreceptor inner segment morphology
MP:0003732 abnormal retinal outer plexiform layer morphology
MP:0003733 abnormal retinal inner nuclear layer morphology
MP:0003795 abnormal bone structure
MP:0003799 impaired macrophage chemotaxis
MP:0003809 abnormal hair shaft morphology
MP:0003850 abnormal thymocyte activation
MP:0003861 abnormal nervous system development
MP:0003863 decreased aggression towards mice
MP:0003884 decreased macrophage cell number
MP:0003886 abnormal embryonic epiblast morphology
MP:0003887 increased hepatocyte apoptosis
MP:0003888 liver hemorrhage
MP:0003890 abnormal embryonic-extraembryonic boundary morphology
MP:0003915 increased left ventricle weight
MP:0003917 increased kidney weight
MP:0003920 abnormal heart right ventricle morphology
MP:0003921 abnormal heart left ventricle morphology
MP:0003944 abnormal T cell subpopulation ratio
MP:0003945 abnormal lymphocyte physiology
MP:0003949 abnormal circulating lipid level
MP:0003954 abnormal Reichert's membrane morphology
MP:0003957 abnormal nitric oxide homeostasis
MP:0003961 decreased lean body mass
MP:0003964 abnormal noradrenaline level
MP:0003974 abnormal endocardium morphology
MP:0003982 increased cholesterol level
MP:0003984 embryonic growth retardation
MP:0003996 clonic seizures
MP:0003997 tonic-clonic seizures
MP:0004001 decreased hepatocyte proliferation
MP:0004003 abnormal vascular endothelial cell physiology
MP:0004007 abnormal lung vasculature morphology
MP:0004021 abnormal rod electrophysiology
MP:0004022 abnormal cone electrophysiology
MP:0004024 aneuploidy
MP:0004031 insulitis
MP:0004045 abnormal cell cycle checkpoint function
MP:0004046 abnormal mitosis
MP:0004047 abnormal milk composition
MP:0004056 abnormal myocardium compact layer morphology
MP:0004076 abnormal vitelline vascular remodeling
MP:0004077 abnormal striatum morphology
MP:0004084 abnormal cardiac muscle relaxation
MP:0004086 absent heartbeat
MP:0004087 abnormal muscle fiber morphology
MP:0004090 abnormal sarcomere morphology
MP:0004091 abnormal Z lines
MP:0004098 abnormal cerebellar granule cell morphology
MP:0004111 abnormal coronary artery morphology
MP:0004129 abnormal respiratory quotient
MP:0004130 abnormal muscle cell glucose uptake
MP:0004133 heterotaxia
MP:0004148 increased compact bone thickness
MP:0004149 increased bone strength
MP:0004174 abnormal spine curvature
MP:0004179 transmission ratio distortion
MP:0004185 abnormal adipocyte glucose uptake
MP:0004201 fetal growth retardation
MP:0004214 abnormal long bone diaphysis morphology
MP:0004215 abnormal myocardial fiber physiology
MP:0004221 abnormal iridocorneal angle
MP:0004229 abnormal embryonic erythropoiesis
MP:0004252 abnormal direction of heart looping
MP:0004255 abnormal spongiotrophoblast layer morphology
MP:0004259 small placenta
MP:0004261 abnormal embryonic neuroepithelium morphology
MP:0004272 abnormal basement membrane morphology
MP:0004274 abnormal embryonic/fetal subventricular zone morphology
MP:0004353 abnormal deltoid tuberosity morphology
MP:0004392 abnormal CD8-positive T cell physiology
MP:0004398 cochlear inner hair cell degeneration
MP:0004401 increased cochlear outer hair cell number
MP:0004485 increased response of heart to induced stress
MP:0004499 increased incidence of chemically-induced tumors
MP:0004509 abnormal pelvic girdle bone morphology
MP:0004521 abnormal cochlear hair cell stereociliary bundle morphology
MP:0004527 abnormal outer hair cell stereociliary bundle morphology
MP:0004542 impaired acrosome reaction
MP:0004543 abnormal sperm physiology
MP:0004566 myocardial fiber degeneration
MP:0004567 decreased myocardial fiber number
MP:0004609 vertebral fusion
MP:0004647 decreased lumbar vertebrae number
MP:0004686 decreased length of long bones
MP:0004736 abnormal distortion product otoacoustic emission
MP:0004738 abnormal auditory brainstem response
MP:0004753 abnormal miniature excitatory postsynaptic currents
MP:0004762 increased anti-double stranded DNA antibody level
MP:0004769 abnormal synaptic vesicle morphology
MP:0004771 increased anti-single stranded DNA antibody level
MP:0004773 abnormal bile composition
MP:0004774 abnormal bile salt level
MP:0004777 abnormal phospholipid level
MP:0004779 abnormal production of surfactant
MP:0004787 abnormal dorsal aorta morphology
MP:0004792 abnormal synaptic vesicle number
MP:0004794 increased anti-nuclear antigen antibody level
MP:0004799 increased susceptibility to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
MP:0004800 decreased susceptibility to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
MP:0004801 increased susceptibility to systemic lupus erythematosus
MP:0004804 decreased susceptibility to autoimmune diabetes
MP:0004805 absent oocytes
MP:0004808 abnormal hematopoietic stem cell morphology
MP:0004810 decreased hematopoietic stem cell number
MP:0004811 abnormal neuron physiology
MP:0004816 abnormal class switch recombination
MP:0004819 decreased skeletal muscle mass
MP:0004841 abnormal small intestine crypts of Lieberkuhn morphology
MP:0004852 decreased testis weight
MP:0004876 decreased mean systemic arterial blood pressure
MP:0004883 abnormal vascular wound healing
MP:0004889 increased energy expenditure
MP:0004893 decreased adiponectin level
MP:0004901 decreased male germ cell number
MP:0004924 abnormal behavior
MP:0004936 impaired branching involved in ureteric bud morphogenesis
MP:0004937 dilated heart
MP:0004938 dilated vasculature
MP:0004939 abnormal B cell morphology
MP:0004947 skin inflammation
MP:0004952 increased spleen weight
MP:0004957 abnormal blastocyst morphology
MP:0004964 absent inner cell mass
MP:0004965 inner cell mass degeneration
MP:0004966 abnormal inner cell mass proliferation
MP:0004969 pale kidney
MP:0004970 kidney atrophy
MP:0004974 decreased regulatory T cell number
MP:0004978 decreased B-1 B cell number
MP:0004982 abnormal osteoclast morphology
MP:0004984 increased osteoclast cell number
MP:0004985 decreased osteoclast cell number
MP:0004989 decreased osteoblast cell number
MP:0004991 decreased bone strength
MP:0004994 abnormal brain wave pattern
MP:0005006 abnormal osteoblast physiology
MP:0005010 abnormal CD8-positive T cell morphology
MP:0005011 increased eosinophil cell number
MP:0005012 decreased eosinophil cell number
MP:0005013 increased lymphocyte cell number
MP:0005014 increased B cell number
MP:0005015 increased T cell number
MP:0005016 decreased lymphocyte cell number
MP:0005017 decreased B cell number
MP:0005018 decreased T cell number
MP:0005025 abnormal response to infection
MP:0005026 decreased susceptibility to parasitic infection
MP:0005027 increased susceptibility to parasitic infection
MP:0005028 abnormal trophectoderm morphology
MP:0005039 hypoxia
MP:0005044 sepsis
MP:0005048 thrombosis
MP:0005058 abnormal lysosome morphology
MP:0005070 impaired natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity
MP:0005076 abnormal cell differentiation
MP:0005078 abnormal cytotoxic T cell physiology
MP:0005079 defective cytotoxic T cell cytolysis
MP:0005090 increased double-negative T cell number
MP:0005092 decreased double-positive T cell number
MP:0005093 decreased B cell proliferation
MP:0005094 abnormal T cell proliferation
MP:0005095 decreased T cell proliferation
MP:0005097 polychromatophilia
MP:0005099 abnormal ciliary body morphology
MP:0005123 increased circulating growth hormone level
MP:0005140 decreased cardiac muscle contractility
MP:0005145 increased circulating VLDL cholesterol level
MP:0005146 decreased circulating VLDL cholesterol level
MP:0005154 increased B cell proliferation
MP:0005157 holoprosencephaly
MP:0005159 azoospermia
MP:0005164 abnormal response to injury
MP:0005166 decreased susceptibility to injury
MP:0005167 abnormal blood-brain barrier function
MP:0005168 abnormal female meiosis
MP:0005169 abnormal male meiosis
MP:0005176 eyelids fail to open
MP:0005178 increased circulating cholesterol level
MP:0005179 decreased circulating cholesterol level
MP:0005201 abnormal retinal pigment epithelium morphology
MP:0005202 lethargy
MP:0005215 abnormal pancreatic islet morphology
MP:0005222 abnormal somite size
MP:0005244 hemopericardium
MP:0005264 glomerulosclerosis
MP:0005266 abnormal metabolism
MP:0005278 abnormal cholesterol homeostasis
MP:0005281 increased fatty acid level
MP:0005282 decreased fatty acid level
MP:0005287 narrow eye opening
MP:0005289 increased oxygen consumption
MP:0005292 improved glucose tolerance
MP:0005293 impaired glucose tolerance
MP:0005294 abnormal heart ventricle morphology
MP:0005296 abnormal humerus morphology
MP:0005300 abnormal corneal stroma morphology
MP:0005311 abnormal circulating amino acid level
MP:0005312 pericardial effusion
MP:0005316 abnormal response to tactile stimuli
MP:0005317 increased triglyceride level
MP:0005318 decreased triglyceride level
MP:0005319 abnormal enzyme/ coenzyme level
MP:0005324 ascites
MP:0005325 abnormal renal glomerulus morphology
MP:0005329 abnormal myocardium layer morphology
MP:0005330 cardiomyopathy
MP:0005331 insulin resistance
MP:0005332 abnormal amino acid level
MP:0005333 decreased heart rate
MP:0005334 abnormal fat pad morphology
MP:0005343 increased circulating aspartate transaminase level
MP:0005344 increased circulating bilirubin level
MP:0005348 increased T cell proliferation
MP:0005352 small cranium
MP:0005365 abnormal bile salt homeostasis
MP:0005395 other phenotype
MP:0005403 abnormal nerve conduction
MP:0005404 abnormal axon morphology
MP:0005405 axon degeneration
MP:0005410 abnormal fertilization
MP:0005416 abnormal circulating protein level
MP:0005419 decreased circulating serum albumin level
MP:0005421 loose skin
MP:0005425 increased macrophage cell number
MP:0005438 abnormal glycogen homeostasis
MP:0005439 decreased glycogen level
MP:0005440 increased glycogen level
MP:0005445 abnormal neurotransmitter secretion
MP:0005459 decreased percent body fat
MP:0005461 abnormal dendritic cell morphology
MP:0005463 abnormal CD4-positive T cell physiology
MP:0005464 abnormal platelet physiology
MP:0005465 abnormal T-helper 1 physiology
MP:0005466 abnormal T-helper 2 physiology
MP:0005501 abnormal skin physiology
MP:0005503 abnormal tendon morphology
MP:0005505 increased platelet cell number
MP:0005508 abnormal skeleton morphology
MP:0005517 decreased liver regeneration
MP:0005533 increased body temperature
MP:0005542 corneal vascularization
MP:0005545 abnormal lens development
MP:0005551 abnormal eye electrophysiology
MP:0005558 decreased creatinine clearance
MP:0005560 decreased circulating glucose level
MP:0005562 decreased mean corpuscular hemoglobin
MP:0005565 increased blood urea nitrogen level
MP:0005567 decreased circulating total protein level
MP:0005571 decreased lactate dehydrogenase level
MP:0005578 teratozoospermia
MP:0005584 abnormal enzyme/coenzyme activity
MP:0005591 decreased vasodilation
MP:0005595 abnormal vascular smooth muscle physiology
MP:0005597 decreased susceptibility to type I hypersensitivity reaction
MP:0005598 decreased ventricle muscle contractility
MP:0005599 increased cardiac muscle contractility
MP:0005605 increased bone mass
MP:0005606 increased bleeding time
MP:0005608 cardiac interstitial fibrosis
MP:0005616 decreased susceptibility to type IV hypersensitivity reaction
MP:0005618 decreased urine potassium level
MP:0005620 abnormal muscle contractility
MP:0005621 abnormal cell physiology
MP:0005630 increased lung weight
MP:0005632 decreased circulating aspartate transaminase level
MP:0005634 decreased circulating sodium level
MP:0005637 abnormal iron homeostasis
MP:0005641 increased mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration
MP:0005642 decreased mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration
MP:0005643 decreased dopamine level
MP:0005657 abnormal neural plate morphology
MP:0005659 decreased susceptibility to diet-induced obesity
MP:0005666 abnormal adipose tissue physiology
MP:0005668 decreased circulating leptin level
MP:0005671 abnormal response to transplant
MP:0006000 abnormal corneal epithelium morphology
MP:0006009 abnormal neuronal migration
MP:0006027 impaired lung alveolus development
MP:0006036 abnormal mitochondrial physiology
MP:0006042 increased apoptosis
MP:0006043 decreased apoptosis
MP:0006050 pulmonary fibrosis
MP:0006055 abnormal vascular endothelial cell morphology
MP:0006058 decreased cerebral infarction size
MP:0006059 decreased susceptibility to ischemic brain injury
MP:0006069 abnormal retinal neuronal layer morphology
MP:0006072 abnormal retinal apoptosis
MP:0006082 CNS inflammation
MP:0006085 myocardial necrosis
MP:0006113 abnormal heart septum morphology
MP:0006138 congestive heart failure
MP:0006241 abnormal placement of pupils
MP:0006254 thin cerebral cortex
MP:0006269 abnormal mammary gland growth during pregnancy
MP:0006298 abnormal platelet activation
MP:0006301 abnormal mesenchyme morphology
MP:0006325 impaired hearing
MP:0006345 absent second branchial arch
MP:0006362 abnormal male germ cell morphology
MP:0006378 abnormal spermatogonia morphology
MP:0006379 abnormal spermatocyte morphology
MP:0006380 abnormal spermatid morphology
MP:0006386 absent somites
MP:0006387 abnormal T cell number
MP:0006396 decreased long bone epiphyseal plate size
MP:0006410 abnormal common myeloid progenitor cell morphology
MP:0006411 upturned snout
MP:0006413 increased T cell apoptosis
MP:0008014 increased lung tumor incidence
MP:0008025 brain vacuoles
MP:0008026 abnormal brain white matter morphology
MP:0008033 impaired lipolysis
MP:0008037 abnormal T cell morphology
MP:0008039 increased NK T cell number
MP:0008040 decreased NK T cell number
MP:0008042 abnormal NK T cell physiology
MP:0008044 increased NK cell number
MP:0008045 decreased NK cell number
MP:0008049 increased memory T cell number
MP:0008050 decreased memory T cell number
MP:0008056 abnormal retinal ganglion cell morphology
MP:0008074 increased CD4-positive T cell number
MP:0008075 decreased CD4-positive T cell number
MP:0008076 abnormal CD4-positive T cell differentiation
MP:0008078 increased CD8-positive T cell number
MP:0008079 decreased CD8-positive T cell number
MP:0008082 increased single-positive T cell number
MP:0008083 decreased single-positive T cell number
MP:0008097 increased plasma cell number
MP:0008098 decreased plasma cell number
MP:0008102 lymph node hyperplasia
MP:0008108 abnormal small intestinal villus morphology
MP:0008111 abnormal granulocyte differentiation
MP:0008126 increased dendritic cell number
MP:0008133 decreased Peyer's patch number
MP:0008135 small Peyer's patches
MP:0008140 podocyte foot process effacement
MP:0008143 abnormal dendrite morphology
MP:0008151 increased diameter of long bones
MP:0008168 decreased B-1a cell number
MP:0008174 decreased follicular B cell number
MP:0008181 increased marginal zone B cell number
MP:0008182 decreased marginal zone B cell number
MP:0008186 increased pro-B cell number
MP:0008190 decreased transitional stage B cell number
MP:0008209 decreased pre-B cell number
MP:0008210 increased mature B cell number
MP:0008211 decreased mature B cell number
MP:0008214 increased immature B cell number
MP:0008215 decreased immature B cell number
MP:0008217 abnormal B cell activation
MP:0008246 abnormal leukocyte morphology
MP:0008254 increased megakaryocyte cell number
MP:0008261 arrest of male meiosis
MP:0008263 abnormal hippocampus CA1 region morphology
MP:0008271 abnormal bone ossification
MP:0008280 abnormal male germ cell apoptosis
MP:0008282 enlarged hippocampus
MP:0008283 small hippocampus
MP:0008284 abnormal hippocampus pyramidal cell layer
MP:0008392 decreased primordial germ cell number
MP:0008395 abnormal osteoblast differentiation
MP:0008396 abnormal osteoclast differentiation
MP:0008406 increased cellular sensitivity to hydrogen peroxide
MP:0008412 increased cellular sensitivity to oxidative stress
MP:0008414 abnormal spatial reference memory
MP:0008428 abnormal spatial working memory
MP:0008438 abnormal cutaneous collagen fibril morphology
MP:0008450 retinal photoreceptor degeneration
MP:0008451 retinal rod cell degeneration
MP:0008456 abnormal retinal rod cell outer segment morphology
MP:0008474 absent spleen germinal center
MP:0008476 increased spleen red pulp amount
MP:0008478 increased spleen white pulp amount
MP:0008479 decreased spleen white pulp amount
MP:0008481 increased spleen germinal center number
MP:0008482 decreased spleen germinal center number
MP:0008484 decreased spleen germinal center size
MP:0008489 slow postnatal weight gain
MP:0008495 decreased IgG1 level
MP:0008496 decreased IgG2a level
MP:0008497 decreased IgG2b level
MP:0008498 decreased IgG3 level
MP:0008499 increased IgG1 level
MP:0008500 increased IgG2a level
MP:0008501 increased IgG2b level
MP:0008502 increased IgG3 level
MP:0008511 thin retinal inner nuclear layer
MP:0008515 thin retinal outer nuclear layer
MP:0008518 retinal outer nuclear layer degeneration
MP:0008522 abnormal lymph node germinal center morphology
MP:0008525 decreased cranium height
MP:0008535 enlarged lateral ventricles
MP:0008536 enlarged third ventricle
MP:0008537 increased susceptibility to induced colitis
MP:0008547 abnormal neocortex morphology
MP:0008553 increased circulating tumor necrosis factor level
MP:0008560 increased tumor necrosis factor secretion
MP:0008561 decreased tumor necrosis factor secretion
MP:0008563 decreased interferon-alpha secretion
MP:0008565 decreased interferon-beta secretion
MP:0008566 increased interferon-gamma secretion
MP:0008567 decreased interferon-gamma secretion
MP:0008572 abnormal Purkinje cell dendrite morphology
MP:0008577 increased circulating interferon-gamma level
MP:0008578 decreased circulating interferon-gamma level
MP:0008585 absent photoreceptor outer segment
MP:0008587 short photoreceptor outer segment
MP:0008596 increased circulating interleukin-6 level
MP:0008641 increased circulating interleukin-1 beta level
MP:0008657 increased interleukin-1 beta secretion
MP:0008663 increased interleukin-12 secretion
MP:0008687 increased interleukin-2 secretion
MP:0008688 decreased interleukin-2 secretion
MP:0008699 increased interleukin-4 secretion
MP:0008700 decreased interleukin-4 secretion
MP:0008705 increased interleukin-6 secretion
MP:0008713 abnormal cytokine level
MP:0008719 impaired neutrophil recruitment
MP:0008722 abnormal chemokine secretion
MP:0008734 decreased susceptibility to endotoxin shock
MP:0008735 increased susceptibility to endotoxin shock
MP:0008750 abnormal interferon level
MP:0008752 abnormal tumor necrosis factor level
MP:0008762 embryonic lethality
MP:0008782 increased B cell apoptosis
MP:0008803 abnormal placental labyrinth vasculature morphology
MP:0008805 decreased circulating amylase level
MP:0008807 increased liver iron level
MP:0008809 increased spleen iron level
MP:0008813 decreased common myeloid progenitor cell number
MP:0008814 reduced nerve conduction velocity
MP:0008826 abnormal splenic cell ratio
MP:0008827 abnormal thymus cell ratio
MP:0008840 abnormal spike wave discharge
MP:0008843 absent subcutaneous adipose tissue
MP:0008844 decreased subcutaneous adipose tissue amount
MP:0008858 abnormal hair cycle anagen phase
MP:0008875 abnormal xenobiotic pharmacokinetics
MP:0008892 abnormal sperm flagellum morphology
MP:0008898 abnormal acrosome morphology
MP:0008911 induced hyperactivity
MP:0008943 increased sensitivity to induced cell death
MP:0008944 decreased sensitivity to induced cell death
MP:0008948 decreased neuron number
MP:0008963 increased carbon dioxide production
MP:0008973 decreased erythroid progenitor cell number
MP:0009115 abnormal fat cell morphology
MP:0009142 decreased prepulse inhibition
MP:0009146 abnormal pancreatic acinar cell morphology
MP:0009230 abnormal sperm head morphology
MP:0009237 kinked sperm flagellum
MP:0009243 hairpin sperm flagellum
MP:0009278 abnormal bone marrow cell physiology
MP:0009289 decreased epididymal fat pad weight
MP:0009293 decreased inguinal fat pad weight
MP:0009305 decreased retroperitoneal fat pad weight
MP:0009346 decreased trabecular bone thickness
MP:0009355 increased liver triglyceride level
MP:0009356 decreased liver triglyceride level
MP:0009395 increased nucleated erythrocyte cell number
MP:0009400 decreased skeletal muscle fiber size
MP:0009403 increased variability of skeletal muscle fiber size
MP:0009404 centrally nucleated skeletal muscle fibers
MP:0009409 abnormal skeletal muscle fiber type ratio
MP:0009434 paraparesis
MP:0009456 impaired cued conditioning behavior
MP:0009538 abnormal synapse morphology
MP:0009541 increased thymocyte apoptosis
MP:0009549 decreased platelet aggregation
MP:0009640 abnormal renal tubule epithelium morphology
MP:0009642 abnormal blood homeostasis
MP:0009674 decreased birth weight
MP:0009712 impaired conditioned place preference behavior
MP:0009745 abnormal behavioral response to xenobiotic
MP:0009747 impaired behavioral response to xenobiotic
MP:0009763 increased sensitivity to induced morbidity/mortality
MP:0009766 increased sensitivity to xenobiotic induced morbidity/mortality
MP:0009780 abnormal chondrocyte physiology
MP:0009788 increased susceptibility to bacterial infection induced morbidity/mortality
MP:0009789 decreased susceptibility to bacterial infection induced morbidity/mortality
MP:0009790 decreased susceptibility to viral infection induced morbidity/mortality
MP:0009815 decreased prostaglandin level
MP:0009831 abnormal sperm midpiece morphology
MP:0009832 abnormal sperm mitochondrial sheath morphology
MP:0009838 abnormal sperm axoneme morphology
MP:0009858 abnormal cellular extravasation
MP:0009859 eye opacity
MP:0009888 palatal shelves fail to meet at midline
MP:0009923 decreased transitional stage T1 B cell number
MP:0009936 abnormal dendritic spine morphology
MP:0009940 abnormal hippocampus pyramidal cell morphology
MP:0010018 pulmonary vascular congestion
MP:0010025 decreased total body fat amount
MP:0010027 increased liver cholesterol level
MP:0010052 increased grip strength
MP:0010053 decreased grip strength
MP:0010067 increased red blood cell distribution width
MP:0010080 abnormal hepatocyte physiology
MP:0010088 decreased circulating fructosamine level
MP:0010090 increased circulating creatine kinase level
MP:0010092 increased circulating magnesium level
MP:0010101 increased sacral vertebrae number
MP:0010123 increased bone mineral content
MP:0010124 decreased bone mineral content
MP:0010144 abnormal tumor vascularization
MP:0010155 abnormal intestine physiology
MP:0010179 rough coat
MP:0010299 increased mammary gland tumor incidence
MP:0010301 increased stomach tumor incidence
MP:0010373 myeloid hyperplasia
MP:0010392 prolonged QRS complex duration
MP:0010579 increased heart left ventricle size
MP:0010766 abnormal NK cell physiology
MP:0010770 preweaning lethality
MP:0010771 integument phenotype
MP:0010831 partial lethality
MP:0010835 increased CD4-positive, alpha-beta memory T cell number
MP:0010838 increased CD8-positive, alpha-beta memory T cell number
MP:0010867 abnormal bone trabecula morphology
MP:0010868 increased bone trabecula number
MP:0010869 decreased bone trabecula number
MP:0010872 increased trabecular bone mass
MP:0010876 decreased bone volume
MP:0010878 increased trabecular bone volume
MP:0010903 abnormal pulmonary alveolus wall morphology
MP:0010948 abnormal double-strand DNA break repair
MP:0010954 abnormal cellular respiration
MP:0010955 abnormal respiratory electron transport chain
MP:0010956 abnormal mitochondrial ATP synthesis coupled electron transport
MP:0011049 impaired adaptive thermogenesis
MP:0011083 complete lethality at weaning
MP:0011085 complete postnatal lethality
MP:0011086 partial postnatal lethality
MP:0011087 complete neonatal lethality
MP:0011088 partial neonatal lethality
MP:0011091 complete prenatal lethality
MP:0011092 complete embryonic lethality
MP:0011094 complete embryonic lethality before implantation
MP:0011095 complete embryonic lethality between implantation and placentation
MP:0011096 complete embryonic lethality between implantation and somite formation
MP:0011097 complete embryonic lethality between somite formation and embryo turning
MP:0011098 complete embryonic lethality during organogenesis
MP:0011099 complete lethality throughout fetal growth and development
MP:0011100 complete preweaning lethality
MP:0011101 partial prenatal lethality
MP:0011106 partial embryonic lethality between implantation and somite formation
MP:0011108 partial embryonic lethality during organogenesis
MP:0011109 partial lethality throughout fetal growth and development
MP:0011110 partial preweaning lethality
MP:0011143 thick lung-associated mesenchyme
MP:0011186 abnormal visceral endoderm morphology
MP:0011320 abnormal glomerular capillary morphology
MP:0011346 renal tubule atrophy
MP:0011353 expanded mesangial matrix
MP:0011501 increased glomerular capsule space
MP:0011506 glomerular crescent
MP:0011703 increased fibroblast proliferation
MP:0011704 decreased fibroblast proliferation
MP:0011939 increased food intake
MP:0011966 abnormal auditory brainstem response waveform shape
MP:0000119 abnormal tooth eruption
MP:0000168 abnormal bone marrow development
MP:0000811 hippocampal neuron degeneration
MP:0000813 abnormal hippocampus layer morphology
MP:0000851 cerebellum hypoplasia
MP:0000861 disorganized barrel cortex
MP:0000888 absent cerebellar granule layer
MP:0001201 translucent skin
MP:0001348 abnormal lacrimal gland physiology
MP:0001447 abnormal nest building behavior
MP:0001573 abnormal circulating alanine transaminase level
MP:0001729 impaired embryo implantation
MP:0001819 abnormal immune cell physiology
MP:0001824 abnormal thymus involution
MP:0001835 abnormal antigen presentation
MP:0001841 decreased level of surface class I molecules
MP:0001862 interstitial pneumonia
MP:0002062 abnormal associative learning
MP:0002139 abnormal hepatobiliary system physiology
MP:0002166 altered tumor susceptibility
MP:0002199 abnormal brain commissure morphology
MP:0002436 abnormal CD8-positive, alpha-beta cytotoxic T cell morphology
MP:0002471 abnormal complement pathway
MP:0002748 abnormal pulmonary valve morphology
MP:0002762 ectopic cerebellar granule cells
MP:0002878 abnormal corticospinal tract morphology
MP:0002885 abnormal AMPA-mediated synaptic currents
MP:0002893 ketoaciduria
MP:0002899 fatigue
MP:0002916 increased synaptic depression
MP:0003044 impaired basement membrane formation
MP:0003081 abnormal soleus morphology
MP:0003082 abnormal gastrocnemius morphology
MP:0003092 decreased corneal stroma thickness
MP:0003157 impaired muscle relaxation
MP:0003240 loss of hippocampal neurons
MP:0003303 peritoneal inflammation
MP:0003387 aorta coarctation
MP:0003390 lymphedema
MP:0003412 abnormal afterhyperpolarization
MP:0003413 hair follicle degeneration
MP:0003646 muscle fatigue
MP:0003659 abnormal lymph circulation
MP:0003719 abnormal pericyte morphology
MP:0003822 decreased left ventricle systolic pressure
MP:0003848 brittle hair
MP:0003862 decreased aggression towards males
MP:0003889 enhanced sensorimotor gating
MP:0003948 abnormal gas homeostasis
MP:0003975 increased circulating VLDL triglyceride level
MP:0003980 increased circulating phospholipid level
MP:0004008 abnormal GABA-mediated receptor currents
MP:0004025 polyploidy
MP:0004038 lymphangiectasis
MP:0004230 abnormal embryonic erythrocyte morphology
MP:0004366 abnormal strial marginal cell morphology
MP:0004368 abnormal stria vascularis vasculature morphology
MP:0004372 bowed fibula
MP:0004674 thin ribs
MP:0004772 abnormal bile secretion
MP:0004784 abnormal anterior cardinal vein morphology
MP:0005059 lysosomal protein accumulation
MP:0005065 abnormal neutrophil morphology
MP:0005153 abnormal B cell proliferation
MP:0005161 hematuria
MP:0005422 osteosclerosis
MP:0005479 decreased circulating triiodothyronine level
MP:0005635 decreased circulating bilirubin level
MP:0005638 hemochromatosis
MP:0005639 hemosiderosis
MP:0006133 calcified artery
MP:0006267 abnormal intercalated disc morphology
MP:0006346 small branchial arch
MP:0008152 decreased diameter of femur
MP:0008173 increased follicular B cell number
MP:0008177 increased germinal center B cell number
MP:0008178 decreased germinal center B cell number
MP:0008203 absent B-1a cells
MP:0008223 absent hippocampal commissure
MP:0008227 absent anterior commissure
MP:0008245 abnormal alveolar macrophage morphology
MP:0008249 abnormal common lymphocyte progenitor cell morphology
MP:0008483 increased spleen germinal center size
MP:0008487 abnormal mesonephros morphology
MP:0008526 decreased cranium width
MP:0008669 increased interleukin-12b secretion
MP:0008714 lung carcinoma
MP:0008808 decreased spleen iron level
MP:0008853 decreased abdominal adipose tissue amount
MP:0008861 abnormal hair shedding
MP:0008924 decreased cerebellar granule cell number
MP:0008965 increased basal metabolism
MP:0008976 delayed female fertility
MP:0009335 decreased splenocyte proliferation
MP:0009358 environmentally induced seizures
MP:0009399 increased skeletal muscle fiber size
MP:0009414 skeletal muscle fiber necrosis
MP:0009641 kidney degeneration
MP:0009652 abnormal palatal rugae morphology
MP:0009748 abnormal behavioral response to addictive substance
MP:0009758 impaired behavioral response to cocaine
MP:0009787 increased susceptibility to infection induced morbidity/mortality
MP:0010095 increased chromosomal stability
MP:0010096 abnormal incisor color
MP:0010167 decreased response to stress-induced hyperthermia
MP:0010263 total cataracts
MP:0010334 pleural effusion
MP:0010465 aberrant origin of the right subclavian artery
MP:0010701 fusion of atlas and odontoid process
MP:0010808 right-sided stomach
MP:0010810 increased type II pneumocyte number
MP:0010957 abnormal aerobic respiration
MP:0011003 reduced AMPA-mediated synaptic currents
MP:0011334 abnormal nephrogenic zone morphology
MP:0011339 abnormal glomerular mesangium morphology
MP:0011363 renal glomerulus atrophy
MP:0011514 skin hemorrhage
MP:0011890 increased circulating ferritin level