Scientific resources

As part of its own research or as part of collaborative projects, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute produces raw data such as DNA sequences, develops databases such as Ensembl, and generates biological resources such as embryonic stem cells.

These are available from these pages with the minimum of conditions. You can find out how to access our technologies: most often this is through collaboration. You can also access a catalogue of our research papers and other science publications.

Quick access to resources in the following areas:


SoftwareInstitute software programs developed for genome analysis, such as Artemis for bacterial genomes, as well as DNA sequence production and file formats


Data download

Data downloadGenomic DNA sequences including many bacterial and parasite genomes, the human genome and other data sets


Clone requests

Clone requestsRequest clone resources distributed by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute


Scientific publications

Scientific publicationsThe Sanger Institute has published papers in some of the most prestigious scientific journals. Access a full archive of our scientific publications



DatabasesCollections of analysed data, such as the Ensembl genome browser and the DECIPHER database of chromosome rearrangements


Services & technologies

Services & technologiesDescriptions of the Institute's technologies that underlie its research programmes, the way in which they operate and ways in which you can access them


Talks & training

Talks & trainingWe run an extensive programme of seminars, lectures and training activities in collaboration with our internal and external scientific community


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