Dr Theo Sanderson | Postdoctoral Fellow

Sanderson, Theo

I study invasion in Plasmodium parasites, with a focus on the zoonotic malaria species Plasmodium knowlesi. A large proportion of the Plasmodium genome is entirely uncharacterised and my research aims to change this by using high-throughput approaches to target these genes for tagging and disruption, in order to better understand their function.


  • Plasmodium knowlesi genome sequences from clinical isolates reveal extensive genomic dimorphism.

    Pinheiro MM, Ahmed MA, Millar SB, Sanderson T, Otto TD et al.

    PloS one 2015;10;4;e0121303

  • How synthetic biology will reconsider natural bioluminescence and its applications.

    Reeve B, Sanderson T, Ellis T and Freemont P

    Advances in biochemical engineering/biotechnology 2014;145;3-30

Sanderson, Theo