Dr Danesh Moradigaravand | Senior Bioinformatician

Moradigaravand, Danesh

I am an evolutionary biologist and genomic data scientist, broadly interested in the epidemiology and population genomics of major pathogens, particularly in the context of the dissemination and emergence of antimicrobial resistance. Furthermore, I developed mathematical and simulation frameworks to elucidate complex evolutionary dynamics of microbial populations during adaptation and the impact of recombination on adaptation.


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  • Evolution of the Staphylococcus argenteus ST2250 Clone in Northeastern Thailand Is Linked with the Acquisition of Livestock-Associated Staphylococcal Genes.

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  • The evolution of natural competence: disentangling costs and benefits of sex in bacteria.

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  • Recombination accelerates adaptation on a large-scale empirical fitness landscape in HIV-1.

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  • Whole genome sequencing reveals high-resolution epidemiological links between clinical and environmental Klebsiella pneumoniae.

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Moradigaravand, Danesh